Lake County Link

The Lake County Link provides commuter transit service between Leadville, Copper Mountain, and the Frisco Transit Center with various stops along the way. This route offers morning, midday, afternoon and evening service, allowing for connections with CDOT's Bustang service to Denver. View the Lake County Link schedule (pdf).

Lake County Link Fares

Riders on the Lake County Link can purchase a punch pass or pay a one-way fare.
  • 20-punch pass: $60
  • 10-punch pass: $30
  • One-way fare: $5

Fare Discounts

Seniors (60+, with proper ID), students in middle school and high school, and riders with disabilities receive discounted fares. 
  • 20-punch pass: $40
  • 10-punch pass: $20
  • One-way fare: $2