2018 Primary Election

  1. *NEW* Open Primary in 2018
  2. 2018 Precinct Caucuses
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Open Primary


Can unaffiliated voters vote in this year’s Primary Election?

Yes. However, they must pick one party’s primary to vote in. They cannot vote multiple party ballots.

How will the process work?

This year, all active unaffiliated voters will receive the Primary Election ballots for both the Democratic and Republican Parties in the mail. The voter may vote and return only one of the ballots. If a voter marks and returns more than one party’s ballot, none of their votes will be counted.

I know which party’s primary I want to vote in. Can I pre-select my ballot?

Yes, unaffiliated voters may update their voter registration and declare a ballot preference in advance of the Primary Election at www.UChoose.CO.gov

Can I select a ballot preference other than Democratic or Republican Party?

Technically, yes, however, no other party is holding a Primary Election (in Summit County). What that means is that if you select another party other than the Democratic or Republican Party, you will still get those two major party ballots in the mail.

Does selecting a ballot preference change my party registration?

No. Declaring a ballot preference does not change your unaffiliated voter registration, this option simply means you will receive just one ballot in the mail for this election. However, your voting record (whether you participated in an election) is public and which ballot you returned is public (but not how you voted).

Does the ballot preference I pick become the ballot I get for every Primary Election?

No. Every Primary Election you will need to update your ballot preference and can select a different party’s primary to participate in.

Why can unaffiliated voters now participate in primary elections?

Colorado voters approved Proposition 108 in 2016, which allows unaffiliated voters to now participate in Colorado primary elections.

Can I choose not to receive a ballot at all?

Proposition 108 was approved by voters in 2016 and the way it is written along with accompanying statute passed by the Colorado legislature, does not currently allow for any voter to select an “opt out or do not mail” option. We must carry out the law as passed/written and send all unaffiliated voters both major party ballots (or the single ballot of their preference). Just like any other election that you do not want to participate in, simply tear (or write void) and discard/recycle your mail ballot.

For further information, visit the Secretary of State Primary Election FAQ.



AFFILIATED voters will only receive the ballot for their affiliated party, if that party has a Primary ballot for the 2018 Primary Election.  To change your affiliation, head to www.GoVoteColorado.com or click on the "Register/Update Registration" tab above.  Affiliated voters must change or withdraw their affiliation by May 29 if desired.