Road/Recpath Construction Projects

The Road & Bridge Department, as well as other agencies/organizations in Summit County, are working on a number of road and recpath projects this year.

Little Beaver Trail Culvert Replacement

Summit County Government is currently working on culvert repair which has necessitated a full road closure on Little Beaver Trail. It is anticipated that this roadway will be reopened to traffic on Friday, October 5th, pending weather conditions. Partial road closure, with one lane open, can be expected after October 5th. Flaggers will be directing traffic through the work zone until project completion. The Summit County Road and Bridge Department is over seeing this work, and you may direct questions to our Construction Hotline phone number at 970-668-4232.

Summit Cove Loop Project

Through the Summit Cove Loop Project, Summit County is installing bicycle/pedestrian lanes in both directions along Summit Drive and Cove Boulevard, creating safer and more enjoyable walking and riding experiences along a 2.4-mile loop in the Summit Cove neighborhood. The project will also include roadway improvements, drainage improvements and enhanced connectivity with the Summit County Recpath and Summit Stage transit services. Learn more about the Summit Cove Loop Project.