Drinking Water

Drinking water providers continuously monitor public drinking water systems. If you experience problems with your drinking water quality contact your provider immediately. If you do not know who provides your water, call the closest municipality or the Environmental Health Department to obtain this information.

To report a water main break, contact your water provider or Summit County Dispatch at 970-668-8600. 

Well Water Testing   

Summit County Environmental Health provides well water testing for nitrates and coliform bacteria. In some cases the department must retrieve the sample (certificate of occupancy).  Existing well owners may pick up a sterile sample bottle and instructions from our office and take the sample yourself. See the current Fee Schedule (pdf) for the cost of testing your well water. Water samples are accepted Monday-Wednesday.

For more information on wells check out the User's Guide to Well Water.

If you wish to test for items other than coliform bacteria and nitrates please consult the state lab

Fluoride in Drinking Water

Fluoride can naturally occur in water. While it is a beneficial element for 
oral health, too much can be harmful. It is important to know if your water has too much or too little. If you are on a public water system, you can contact your supplier to determine how much fluoride is in your water. For homes on private wells, a private lab or the state lab are best options for getting your water tested. The fee is typically $15-20.

Well Inspections

A lender may require that a well be inspected for the purposes of real estate transaction. The Environmental Health Department can conduct inspections of existing water wells.  These inspections include testing of the water for coliform bacteria and nitrates as well as a visual inspection of the well head and surrounding area.  To request this inspection please complete the Well 
Inspection Form and submit it to this department. If you wish to have the mechanics of your well inspected we suggest you arrange that with a well drilling company.

Well Water Permits

Permits for wells in Summit County are obtained through the Colorado Department of Natural Resources in Denver. Please call (303) 866-3587 and ask for the Division of Water Resources, Water Well Permitting Section.

You may contact the Colorado Drinking Water Desk at 303-866-3587 or search online for Well Permit Records.

For questions regarding well water augmentation and buying additional water rights please contact the Summit County Manager's Office.