What is All-Stars?

All-Stars is a group for middle school students founded on the evidence based All-Stars curriculum. This weekly program is designed to improve youth behavior by actively engaging students in decisions about healthy living. The program helps prevent negative behavior such as alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse as well as promotes commitment to a positive lifestyle, wholesome standards, resiliency, and positive relations with parents and other adults. Sessions include small group activities, discussions, incentives, and games. Dinner and prizes are provided at each session.

Class Facilitator

Shawna Gogolen - Mtn. Mentors Program Supervisor, facilitates the All-Stars group she has a degree in K-12 Health Education. Shawna also has experience teaching Healthy Choices, a supplemental health course for girls at the middle school.

Contact: allstarstubingMS web.jpg

Shawna Gogolen

Program Supervisor
Ph: (970) 668-9182