Frisco Transit Center Master Plan

The Frisco Transit Center is Summit County's busiest transportation hub. With the help of input from community stakeholders and transit center users, we recently developed a master plan to guide future redevelopment of this transit center over the next 20 years.

The 6-acre property is utilized by many transportation services, including the county’s Summit Stage public transit system, regional bus services provided by Greyhound and CDOT's Bustang, four airport/resort shuttle services and Hertz car rental.

The master plan outlines existing and future transit center needs and uses,and it lays out a plan to redevelop the site in phases over the coming decades to best meet these needs. View the Frisco Transit Center Master Plan (pdf).
Illustration of a transit center, including a public building, pedestrian plaza and bus bays.

Key Project Goals

The Frisco Transit Center Master Plan outlines strategies to achieve the following goals:
  • Expand and improve the existing facilities to better accommodate the needs of transit users.
  • Improve circulation and enhance safety for all modes of travel: buses,cars, bicycles and pedestrians.
  • Better connect and integrate the transit center with the surroundings.
  • Improve visibility and wayfinding signage.
  • Provide a helpful information center with local and regional transit information, and other tourism/visitor information for those arriving in Summit County.

Recommended Site Plan

Illustration of the Recommended Site Plan
  • Project Timeline

We developed the Frisco Transit Center Master Plan in late 2015 and early 2016. Construction will likely begin summer of 2019.
  • September–December 2015: Master planning process
    • Site programming – site analysis, baseline information gathering, and evaluation of existing and future facility needs.
    • Conceptual master plan – develop and present conceptual design options (buildings, site access and circulation, wayfinding signage, parking)
    • Community outreach and stakeholder dialogue
  • February 2016: Complete final master plan, incorporating public input
  • September - October 2016: Advertise for architect, civil engineer and landscape architect team
  • November 2016: Select and contract with consultant team
  • January - September 2017: Development of construction drawings for all phases of project
  • October 2017- July 2018: Town of Frisco planning review process; Town of Frisco permit process for Phase 1 construction
  • October - December 2018: Finalize construction documents and advertise for contractors
  • Early 2019: Award construction contracts
  • Early Summer 2019: Begin Phase 1 construction

Public Input

Summit County hosted two events that allowed residents to learn about the master plan project and provide input. We also convened a stakeholder advisory group that met regularly throughout the master planning process. Thanks to all who attended! We received a lot of great input that helped guide the conceptual design. View a summary of the feedback (pdf). 

Maps, Designs and Related Resources

View the documents below to learn more about the Frisco Transit Center Master Plan project.
  • Frisco Transit Center Master Plan (pdf): Review the master plan document, which includes existing and future needs and uses, improvements for site configuration and circulation, signage and wayfinding, draft building alternatives and phasing recommendations for implementation. 
  • Site map (pdf): Provides an aerial view of the property showing the existing facilities and infrastructure.
  • Existing Transit Uses (pdf): Inventory of all existing uses at the Frisco Transit Center.

Frisco Transit Center Discussion on SCTV

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