Summit County Art Forum: Current Exhibit

The Summit County Art Forum is a display space that showcases local art. The space is located in the upper level of the County Commons building in Frisco. The Art Forum rotates its exhibit three times each year, with each exhibit based on a particular theme.

The theme of the current exhibit is “Breathe,” which will be on display through May 2020.

What is your interpretation of “Breathe”? Local artists were asked that question by the Summit County Art Forum. And the art committee got quite a variety of answers: a swirl of colors, a cool wind in the sails, a mother nursing a child.

“Hanging over the edge of a precipice, are you screaming or holding your breath?”, asks Karen Shackles, who shows a Metal Poetography Print. Quite different are also the used mediums. They run the gamut from watercolor and acrylic to beeswax and metal.

The newest exhibition shows art by Scott Brockmeier, Sandi Bruns, Theresa Davis, Deb Evans, Callie Glidden, Mary Lou Johns, Justiin Kosiba, Rita Neubauer, Karen Shackles and Bruce Spinney. Additionally, artwork from Snowy Peaks students are on display.

Their works can be seen at the Art Forum’s exhibition space at the County Commons building, 0037 Peak One Dr., Frisco. “Breathe” runs through May 31.

‘Breathe’ Featured Artists


From an early age it was clear that Scott Brockmeier had a unique "ability to see".  Growing up attending photo shoots with his father, an Art Director at Kodak, Scott began his journey by learning the basics of photography.  During this time, he had the opportunity to meet many photographers with different styles and viewpoints including a talented group at the New York Art Directors Club who encouraged him to hone his craft.

Sandi Bruns“From our first breaths on earth, each season has its own unique fragrance and feeling in the in Summit County it is our joy to breathe it all in. As I plein air paint, I try to capture that feeling. In every season. The linocut print is of my first grandson enjoying his first breaths here on earth (and a little mother’s milk as well!)”Watercolor is the preferred medium of Sandi Bruns. Her creations reflect what she feels about her subject. She believes the finished picture should “energize the soul as well as entertain the eye.”

Deb Evans“My thoughts go to our dependence on oxygen from trees to survive. This project inspired me to share my love of trees through the seasons.”

Deb is a self-taught landscape artist painting scenes of Colorado and the west in oils and acrylics. She has lived in Colorado for 11 years and now paints full time. Her works represent mountainous scenes by capturing a special moment of beauty, a stunning sunset or a teal-colored river water. She creates works in oils and acrylics on canvas. Her painting studio is at her home in Keystone, steps away from the Snake River.

Mary Lou Johns  Relaxation These chairs by the Blue River invite us to grab a great book, breathe the cool air, and while away our time.Path at Nordic Center I remember my frosty breath during a winter hike here. Now, the summer’s warmth creates an entirely new experience.Mary Lou Johns has been “Painting the Landscapes You love” since she first came to Summit County in 1997. She has served as president of “Women of Watercolor” and is a board member of Summit County Arts Council. She exhibits her paintings at their gallery, Arts Alive.

Karen Shackles Karen has lived in Summit County since 1982. Her photography journey began at age 8 with her mom's old Brownie box camera, and she's been chronicling her adventures ever since. She lives in awe and wonderment at the diverse beauty of the universe and the life that inhabits it.

Justin Kosiba is a local Colorado artist who has lived in Summit County, Gunnison, Crested Butte, Denver and Taos. His artistic philosophy revolves around bridging his conscious and subconscious visions into creative paintings. His organic concepts are inspired by Mother Nature and her overwhelming diversity. His work blossoms and bursts, exhibiting a breathing movement textured with acrylics, gels, palette knives, sponges and brushes. He is also motivated by the cosmos and their infinite mysteries. His paintings allow the viewer to journey into a tranquil space.

Callie Glidden“I'm a metalsmith and mixed media artist and my work is made up of found driftwood, brass, copper, and glass beads. I use a small jewelry handsaw to cut fine details into metal pieces and riveting techniques to put each piece together.This exhibition is based along the lines of a person needing to breathe and take the time to heal from trauma, resembling the interconnection between patterns we find in nature and the human body, both of which need oxygen and breath to survive and continue thriving.For example, bronchioles in the lungs look quite similar to branches in trees. In my personal journey I've used looking at these similarities as a coping skill to help me heal from personal traumas and anxiety... In other words, to help myself breathe.”

Three Abstract Photos
Abstract latex painting
Acrylic/Oil Painting River
Four mixed media art squares
Three photos on metal of clouds