Summit County Planning Department

The Planning Department is responsible for guiding the physical growth of Summit County in a manner that promotes the public interest. This is achieved through land use regulation, development review, long-range master planning and various special projects that aim to help sustain a viable community in Summit County.

Summit County is currently restricting all public access to the following offices/functions: Community Development Services (Building, Housing, Planning, Engineering, Environmental Health), Open Space, CSU Extension, Road and Bridge Administration, and Facilities.

UPDATE 4-3-20:  The Planning Department is continuing to accept and process new applications, including holding pre-application meetings.  All submittals and correspondence will be conducted electronically and via phone/email.  Hard copy submittals will also be accepted, and can be placed in the drop box located to the left of our exterior door. Our office is located at 37 Peak One Drive, Frisco CO 80443.  All payment of fees will be done electronically through, E-checks ($1 fee) or Credit Card (processing fees will apply to credit card payments = $0.75 plus 2.25%).

Planning staff is available via phone and email for all questions and inquiries. If you know which staff member you wish to speak with, visit our staff directory or call our main line at 970-668-4200. 

Planning Commission Meeting Information

Planning Commission meetings will continue as scheduled, remotely via an online meeting portal. Details for accessing meetings can be found on the specific meeting agenda which will be posted in the agenda center prior to the meeting. Meeting materials will be posted on the projects under review page.

Short Term Vacation Rentals

Summit County has adopted regulations for short term rentals located within unincorporated areas of Summit County: Short Term Rental Information  

Development Regulations

The Summit County Planning Department administers land use reviews in accordance with the regulations in the Summit County Land Use and Development Code and other associated documents. The Land Use and Development Code includes regulations related to zoning, permitted uses, accessory units, setbacks, height, lighting, landscaping, signs and other development standards. The Code includes provisions related to subdivisions, rezonings, conditional use permits, site plans, and other processes to facilitate changes to property and the development of property. Find more information on Summit County development regulations.

Interactive Mapping Tool – Find Your Zoning

To understand land-use regulations that pertain to a property, it is important to know the zoning.  View an interactive map (with a step-by-step guide) to determine the zoning for a property

Planning Department Review of Building Permits


The Planning Department reviews building permits for compliance with planning-related regulations. 

Property Information Search & Maps

Interactive Map

Development Process, Applications and Fees

The Planning Department processes six different classes of development review applications, ranging in review authority from Class 1 through Class 6. Find out about the development review process and associated fees for your project.

Master Plans

Summit County’s master plans set forth the goals, policies, and visions for the future of Summit County. These policies have a significant role in the review of subdivisions, rezonings, and other types of land use applications. The Planning Department is charged with updating the master plans on a periodic basis and works with the respective planning commission to adopt the updates to these plans.

Population Information

The Planning Department provides basic demographic information on Summit County’s permanent resident population, population growth rates, permanent resident characteristics, population history and population projections. Find Summit County population information.

Planning Commissions

Summit County has five planning commissions charged with review, approval and recommendation authority for various types of development. Learn more about Summit County’s planning commissions.