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Snowplow Jamboree event

Summit County Road and Bridge Department is responsible for the year round maintenance of 145 roadway miles, of which 90 miles are asphalt-surfaced and 55 miles are gravel surfaced. Seasonal maintenance is provided for 73 miles of forest service roads, which are unimproved (dirt) roads, and 25 miles of recreational pathways.

Summit County, Colorado, is a thriving resort community with a great demand on the transportation infrastructure. Our roads are vital to the smooth flow of traffic to the towns, resorts, and residential neighborhoods, and our department's commitment to the traveling public is reflected in our Mission Statement: To provide the best transportation system possible, that most effectively and safely moves the traveling public.

The Code of the West is a great reference for understanding the differences in level of service provided between rural mountain living in unincorporated portions of the County and urban living with Town limits.

The Road & Bridge Department is currently staffed as follows:

  • Road & Bridge Director
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Asset Technician
  • Right of Way Inspector
  • Operations Manager
  • 2 Operations Supervisors
  • 15 Heavy Equipment Operators
  • 2 Seasonal Equipment Operators

Picture of Historic Road Grader Pulled By 6 Horses Working on Heeney Road
Picture of 185 HP Road Grader Working on Heeney Road in 2005
Historic Heeney Road
6 HP Road Grader
Heeney Road - 2005
185 HP Road Grader