Pollworkers/Judges (Join Our Team!)

Who Can Serve as a Pollworker or Election Judge?

  • County clerks have the responsibility to hire and train election judges to work during the election. In order to serve as an election judge, a person must:
    • Be a registered elector;
    • Be able to perform the assigned tasks;
    • Attend a training;
    • Not be convicted of fraud or other election offenses; and
    • Not be a candidate or related to a candidate whose name appears on the ballot
  • Colorado law allows high school juniors and seniors in good standing to serve as election judges.

What Do Pollworkers Do?

  • Election judges serve in VSPCs, drop off locations, the county clerk's office, mail ballot processing sites, counting sites, as runners or delivery drivers, or any other place the county clerk feels that an election judge is needed. Pay for election judges varies by county.
  • Watchers, or Pollwatchers, are not hired by the County and do not perform the same functions as an Election Judge or Pollworker.  If you'd like to become a Watcher, contact the Candidate, Political Party or Issue Committee of your choice.