Although the Summit County Housing Department is primarily focused on workforce housing development, land and housing asset acquisition and management, as well as housing policies and strategy development, we recognize that our local housing needs take many forms. 

The following resources range from general housing information to specific housing inquiries. If you do not see a resource that meets your needs, please contact the Housing Department.

About Housing Needs in Summit County

About General Housing Guidelines in Summit County

2019 Summit County Housing Guidelines (pdf)
2019 Summit County Template Restrictive Covenant (pdf)
2019 Summit County Capital Improvements & Maintenance Provisions (pdf)
Section 3809 of the Summit County Land Use & Development Code (pdf)

About a Specific Property

Property Information and Deed Restrictions
Can I have an Accessory Dwelling Unit on my property?
What is my zoning?
Where can I learn about a PUD on my property?

About Personal Housing Needs

Please visit the Summit Combined Housing Authority (SCHA) website: 

I am looking to purchase a home.  What resources are available to help locate properties?                SCHA Real Estate

I’m looking to rent.  What resources are available to help locate properties?                                        SCHA Renter Resources

What local down payment assistance loans are available to help locate properties?                            SCHA Lending 

Where can I learn about the steps to purchasing a home?                                                                    SCHA Education

I am having difficulty with a landlord/tenant situation, where can I look for information?                        SCHA Renter Resources

What projects will be available soon to purchase?                                                                                  SCHA Neighborhoods