Short-Term Vacation Rentals

Summit County has adopted a temporary moratorium on new STR license applications in the Neighborhood Overlay Zone beginning at 3:35pm on Tuesday, May 24, 2022.

To learn more about the process to update the STR regulations and rationale behind the moratorium, and goals for the new regulations, visit our project website

Please visit our STR Moratorium & Regulation Revision Update page for further information.

All short term vacation rental properties shall receive an STR license prior to advertising or operation.

A current list of all active STR licenses in unincorporated Summit County is available and updated every week in pdf format.  To search for an address, use Ctrl F to activate the search function. 

STR Regulations

           Summit County has updated the STR Regulations effective December 16, 2021.  

            STR Overlay Zones

Summit County has adopted STR Overlay Zones to acknowledge the distinction between neighborhoods and resort communities.  If your property is located in the STR Resort Overlay Zone (which includes, Keystone, Copper Mountain, Tiger Run Resort, and unincorporated areas at the base of Peak 8 in Breckenridge), you will apply for a Resort License.  Resort Licenses have greater occupancy, allowances, and no restrictions on the number of nights rented.  

If your property is not located in the Resort Overlay Zone then it is in the STR Neighborhood Overlay Zone.  If your property is located in the STR Neighborhood Overlay Zone, you will need to apply for either a Type I, Type II, or Type III License.  The vast majority of Neighborhood Zone Licenses will be Type II.

Compliance Timeline for Existing STR License Holders

If you have an existing active STR license as of 12/16/2021 in the Resort Overlay Zone, during renewal in September 2022 your current license will be converted to a Resort Type License. The regulations in the Resort Zone will remain unchanged.

If you are in the Neighborhood Overlay Zone and you have an active STR license or applied for a license before the new regulations were adopted on December 16, 2021 you will have until September 2025 to convert your current license to one of the new license types.  However, you may elect to convert during any renewal period prior to 2025.

STR Responsible Agents

The Responsible Agent (RA) is the main point of contact for your short-term rental unit. If an issue pertaining to your STR is reported, the Responsible Agent will be contacted, and he or she will have 60 minutes to respond with a plan for resolving the issue. The Responsible Agent is required to be available to respond to issues 24/7 and must have a text-enabled phone.

An STR license holder can serve as the Responsible Agent for the STR unit, but only if they can commit to being available to respond to issues 24/7.

To change the responsible agent on your STR license, click on the button, "Update Responsible Agent Information" in the Host Compliance Portal.


On September 14, 2021, the Summit County Board of County Commissioners approved a temporary and targeted moratorium on the issuance of new STR licenses in the unincorporated areas of Summit County beginning September 18, 2021 and lasting 90 days. This moratorium expired on December 17, 2021.  

Please note this did not affect licenses that are already active, submitted, under review, or those going through the conversion process. The purpose of this moratorium was to take time to update the STR Ordinance and Regulations.

Due to the large number of calls and emails, please be patient with our staff and check back here for more information.

STR Town Halls

Summit County Commissioners and County Staff held two Town Halls (10/7/21 & 10/14/21) to discuss the new Lease to Locals program and potential short-term rental code amendments including creation of overlay districts, creation of license types with distinct standards, and regulations to address intense STR use within Neighborhood overlays. View the presented details and learn more about this.

STR Community Survey

View the STR Community Survey results here.

View the presentation on the survey results and breakdown by property owner and neighbor here.

Mountain House

Summit County regulates short-term vacation rentals (STRs) to address neighborhood impacts and life safety issues. Summit County's regulations for STRs are applicable to properties within the unincorporated areas of Summit County.

If you own property within unincorporated Summit County (outside the boundary of an incorporated town) and are interested in renting it out for periods of less than 30 consecutive days, you must obtain a short-term vacation rental (STR) license and remit all applicable taxes.

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