Liquor Licensing

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Summit County Government through its Board of County Commissioners is the local licensing authority for all applicable liquor licenses within unincorporated Summit County.  All completed application forms and fees are submitted to the office of the Summit County Clerk & Recorder for processing.

Location Matters

If your business is located within the city limits of Breckenridge, Frisco, Dillon, Silverthorne, Blue River, or Montezuma you will need to contact the town's municipal clerk where the business is located for your liquor licensing needs.  The Office of the Clerk & Recorder for Summit County only handles Liquor License applications for businesses located in Unincorporated Summit County.  Fees, Local Forms and procedures vary by jurisdiction.


Plan ahead!  The application process can take multiple months for new applications and transfer of ownership.  The County reviews all liquor license actions, then transmits to the State for a final review.  Once you have paperwork and payments compiled for your application, e-mail us to set up an application review appointment.

Fingerprint-Based Criminal History Check

All listed individual applicants (even those as a part of an applying entity such as a Corporation or LLC) for new applications, transfers of ownership, registering as a manager, etc. must to undergo a fingerprint-based criminal history check.  No more messy black ink and paper cards!  All fingerprinting is conducted by approved Identogo or Colorado Fingerprinting facilities in Colorado.  Applicants are required to make an appointment online with either vendor.  This FAQ Sheet helps applicants in obtaining fingerprints.


For each situation, a combination of State and Local forms are usually required.  For Modifications, Special Event Applications and Transfers of Ownership, scroll toward the bottom of this page.

State forms are available through the Colorado Department of Revenue's Liquor Enforcement Division.
The most common forms used are:
DR8400 & DR8495 Combination Form - Renewals
DR8404 - New Application (new applications and transfers)
DR8404 - En Español
DR8404-I - Individual History
DR8404-I En Español
DR8442 - Modifications
Local forms are used as well in combination with the State forms, depending on what type of application is being made.  The Authorization to Release and Affidavit of Source of Funds forms are necessary for modifications when people are involved (e.g. Manager Registrations, Ownership Changes), or new Applications for each individual listed.


Click here for a schedule of Liquor Licensing Fees.  If Local Fee column says "up to $--" the maximum allowable amount will be charged.  Some license types require processing directly through the State (Manufacturers, etc.).  All fees and paperwork are submitted to the Clerk & Recorder's Office at once - including State forms and payment.  The Clerk's Office forwards State paperwork and payments for applicants at the appropriate time.  When in doubt, email us for more information.


Applying for a Liquor License takes time, we're here to help.  Our office can assist you in planning your timeline so you know what to expect from the process.  The Summit County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) meets regularly on the second and fourth Tuesdays at 1:30pm, but it's a good idea to confirm upcoming meeting dates with the Liquor License Coordinator at the Clerk's Office at the time of application.  New applications must be submitted completely and with all payments included at least 30 days prior to the date that the Public Hearing requested.  Concurrent Review is an option applicants can choose to pay extra for in their application payment to CDOR, provided through the State, that can expedite review turnaround time.  Concurrent Review allows for the State to review the application concurrently with the County.

Transfers of Ownership & Temporary Liquor Licenses

DR8404 - Colorado Liquor Retail License Application (see page 2 for all supplemental documentation required with application)
DR8004 - Wholesaler Affidavit of Compliance for Transfers from every wholesaler
DR8404-I - Individual History (used for New Applicants & Manager Registrations)
Authorization to Release Form
Affidavit of Source of Funds Form
Fingerprint-Based Criminal History Check (closest location: Summit County Sheriff in Breckenridge)

A Temporary Liquor License is issued based on the discretion of the Clerk & Recorder and can only be issued for a temporary/statutory amount of time.  Temporary Permits are issued only in the case of a Transfer of Ownership.  Temporary Liquor Licenses can only be issued once all paperwork and payment is submitted for a full application and said application is under review.

Special Event Liquor Permit


  • Must be a non-profit organization under C.R.S. 44-5-102
  • Special Event Liquor Permit Application
  • $100.00 fee payable to "Summit County Clerk" from the applying non-profit organization (check preferred)
  • Detailed diagram of the proposed event premises, including methods of control (if outdoors)
  • Applications must be complete and in the possession of the Clerk & Recorder no later than 30 days prior to the event
  • If the event is to be held within Town limits of a local municipality, apply through the appropriate Town Clerk's Office



  • No changes in ownership, legal possession to premises, etc.
  • DR8400 & DR8495 Combination Form - Renewals (for existing licenses with no changes)
  • Supply any required supplemental information included
  • Sign under "Oath of Applicant"
  • Include appropriate renewal fees to County and State payable to "Summit County Clerk" and "Colorado Department of Revenue"


Modifications to Liquor Licenses including but not limited to: Manager Registrations, Trade Name Changes, Premise Modification (Temporary or Permanent) require a combination of paperwork and fees.  By law, the listed Manager for certain Licenses including but not limited to Taverns, Hotel & Restaurant, etc. must be kept up to date with Local and State Liquor Authorities.

Any modification: Start with the DR8442 form and follow the instructions.

Registering a Manager: Send the applicant to an approved Identogo facility first before submitting paperwork and payment (closest location: Summit County Sheriff's Office in Breckenridge).

Fees: The DR8442 form only covers State fees, email to confirm fees.

Tastings Permits

For Retail Liquor Stores only, Tastings Permit Applications are conducted through this office.  Annual fee is $25.00.  Tastings are subject to BOCC Resolution 2004-87, State Regulation 47-313, and C.R.S. 44-3-301  Tastings Permit Application for Retail Liquor Stores located in unincorporated Summit County is here.