Certificate of Taxes Due

Certificate of Taxes Due (also known as Tax Cert) 

A tax certificate is a legal document which provides written documentation of the status of taxes on a specific property.  A tax certificate is valid as of the date and time it is printed. 

  1. The cost per certificate is $10.00. Payment must be made first, prior to filling out Request Form. Please select 'Pay Here' (button located at bottom of this screen) and retrieve confirmation number or receipt number (will be required in the Request Form.)
  2. Submit Request Form (receipt number or account required from our office prior to filling out request form).  
  3. Certificate(s) will be processed within 2 business days from receipt. 
  4. Email TaxCerts@summitcountyco.gov for any tax certificate related question. 

Mobile Home Authentications

An authentication form provides proof that all property taxes have been paid on a mobile home. It is required by the State of Colorado to change title on a mobile home and to obtain a moving permit for the mobile home.  In order to provide an authentication taxes must be paid in full.  To move a mobile home out of the county, all taxes as well as prorated taxes for the current year must be paid. 

  1. The cost per authentication is $10.00
  2. Email request to Treasurer@summitcountyco.gov with proof of payment (Select 'Pay Here' at bottom of screen and retrieve confirmation number or receipt number) or mail request with payment (payable to Summit County Treasurer) to P.O. Box 289, Breckenridge CO 80424
  3. Authentication(s) will be processed upon receipt of payment.

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