Tax Lien Holders

What is a Treasurer's Deed? 

Deed issued after application process. The application can be submitted to our office after the expiration of the term of three years from the date of the sale, to the holder of the tax lien.  Before the holder is entitled to a deed for the land, lot, or claim so purchased, the holder must request issuance from the Treasurer.  The Treasurer must then comply with the process per statute.    

How to apply for a Treasurer's Deed?

  1. Verify tax lien certificate issuance date has exceeded three years   
  2. Submit application and $450 deposit 
  3. Mail to Summit County Treasurer, PO Box 289, Breckenridge, CO 80424 or drop it off at 208 East Lincoln Avenue Breckenridge CO

After application submission and $450 deposit  

Process takes approximately six months and requires no additional effort from the certificate holder. Treasurer's Deed will be issued if redemption is not made prior to the issuance date.   

Property Owner/Interested Party 

If you received correspondence from our office notifying you that a Treasurer's Deed has been applied for,                                           please contact our office (970) 453-3440.