Swan River Recreational Access

Portions of the the Swan River Restoration Project site are now open to the public. This page will be updated as necessary with recreational access and use information. Work is ongoing and the site remains in a fragile condition. You may encounter equipment, work crews, detours, or closures at any time. Please respect this sensitive landscape while we work to restore the area to a natural condition.

Reach A is Now Open for Recreation Use

Reach A is now open to the public for non-motorized, passive recreational use. A natural surface trail between the Browns Gulch trailhead and Rock Island Road provides access for biking, hiking, running, angling, skiing, snowshoeing, and other passive, non-motorized recreational uses. The site remains in a fragile condition, so please continue to tread gently and stay on the trail as much as possible. Please keep dogs leashed, or under voice control at all times. Ground birds are sensitive to disruption and utilize the riparian area for nesting throughout the snow free season. 

Swan River Recreational Access Map

Trailhead at Rock Island Road


Constructed stream channel and riparian zone

Sandy point bar

Spotted Sand Piper nest in riparian zone

Spotted Sand Piper nest with eggs

Swan River Trail near Browns Gulch