I Do Not Reside Full-Time in Summit County

How to Make An Appointment & Apply

  • Appointments are required and extremely limited each day. It's likely we may have to recommend another County Clerk's office to visit for your Marriage License. We are a small office with limited staff. If you do not have an appointment, you will not be able to apply for a Marriage License if you are not a Summit County resident with a Summit County residential address on your Marriage License application and ID.
  • Appointments can only be reserved within 3 weeks of your desired date to come in and apply, by phone.
  • Appointment slots are available at a cap of three per day: 9:00am, 11:00am, 2:00pm, and 3:00pm Mondays-Fridays, except observed holiday closures. Appointments are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • There is no waiting period or testing in the State of Colorado for Marriage Licenses.
  • Licenses are issued same day, the process takes about 20 minutes.
  • Colorado Marriage Licenses are only valid for ceremonies that take place in Colorado.  Got your Marriage License in another State or country?  Contact issuing State outside of Colorado to check if it's OK to use in Colorado as Summit County staff will not be able to answer that question.
  • Applications are accepted in person only, no remote or advance applications are processed.  DO NOT EMAIL MARRIAGE LICENSE APPLICATIONS.
  • The Clerk & Recorder office is small and busy!  We have 3 divisions of government services in one small area and cannot accommodate anyone other than the two applying parties to the marriage (children and ADA assistance excepted). The Clerk & Recorder's Office is not a location for a ceremony with an audience of any size.
  • Appointments are required unless at least one party resides in Summit County. After reading through this webpage entirely, call 970-453-3470 for an appointment.  Appointments are only confirmed through receipt of a confirmation email from Clerk staff after a phone call.
  • Apply in person, no remote or advance applications accepted.
  • There is only one office location in Breckenridge - Summit County Clerk & Recorder.
  • Apply in person, no remote or advance applications accepted. Fill out and print the Marriage License Application ahead of time if you'd like to save some time.
  • No SSN?  No problem.  If one or both parties does not have a Social Security Number, please fill out, print, and bring with you this No SSN Affidavit with application (one per person).  We have them available in the office as well.
  • Cost is $30 for the License, we will automatically charge couples for 3 certified copies (additional $3 each).
  • Physical Address: 208 Lincoln Avenue  Breckenridge, CO  80424 "Floor 2".

 Requirements: Residency, ID & Age

  • There are no residency requirements to obtain a Marriage License in Summit County at this time, but if you are a Colorado resident, we ask that you please contact your home County Clerk & Recorder first for a Marriage License before applying in Summit County.  CLICK HERE for a complete list of Colorado Clerk & Recorders that can assist you.
  • The License and Certificate are on the same piece of paper, obtained at the same time upon time of application.
  • Both parties must be present at the time of application, there are no remote or advance applications available at this time.
  • If either party is under 18, contact us in advance of visiting our office for additional required documentation such as Parental or Judicial Consent.
  • Both parties to the marriage must furnish one form of valid, photo identification (e.g. Drivers License, Passport) upon arrival.  We do not need a Birth Certificate or anything in addition to your photo identification, unless you have rare/special circumstances and have spoken with Clerk staff prior to visiting the office to apply.

Types of Solemnization

The type of solemnization you choose for your Marriage License is a personal choice, County staff cannot make the decision for you.  You will need to know your decision by the time of your application, so we can provide you with a sample of how to fill out the Marriage License properly.

  • Self-Solemnization: no Officiant, no Judge, just the Parties to the Marriage solemnizing their own Marriage Certificate 
  • Religious: couples select someone from a denomination of their choosing to officiate the ceremony and sign the Certificate.  The Clerk & Recorder does not provide Officiants on site, couples must make their own arrangements.  Find a list of known local Officiants below.
  • Civil: usually a Justice of the Peace, Magistrate, Judge or Retired Judge of the couple's choosing will officiate the ceremony and sign the Certificate.  The Clerk & Recorder does not provide Officiants on site, couples must make their own arrangements with the Courts or Officiant of their choosing.
  • This is the list of local, Summit County-based Officiants who have contacted our office offering their services. Inquire with each person/company about pricing and availability. Summit County Government does not make recommendations or promote any business over another, and this list is for courtesy contact information only.
  • The Clerk's Office does not need any paperwork or communication from Officiants performing ceremonies in Summit County.  Officiants can be ordained from their organization of choice.