Copies of Recorded Documents:

  • County staff do not fulfill recorded document requests for commercial entities
  • Here is how to find recorded documents:
    • contains documents 1990-previous business day
      • Searchable by Grantor/Grantee, index and images without watermarks
      • Paywall: $15.00 for 24-hour access, $275.00 for monthly unlimited access
    • Contact a title searcher to assist you for anything prior to 1990
    • 3 free search terminals are available during business hours

Release of Deed of Trust Requests:

  • Because Releases are generally filed electronically by the Summit County Public Trustee, commercial and individual requests may email for a copy of a recorded Release of Deed of Trust after the Public Trustee has signed/sealed/sent it to the Clerk & Recorder.  Release copies will be provided free of charge.