Housing Code Audit

The 2022 Summit County Code Audit for Workforce Housing has been completed.  The primary purpose of this report was to identify barriers to workforce housing in the Land Use and Development Code (Code) and provide recommended edits to remove said barriers as well as update standards and procedures to ensure that the County can support the desired housing as identified by the Board of County Commissioners and relevant policy documents. The focus of the Housing Code Audit was:

  • Developing a streamlined or expedited development review process for workforce housing
  • Developing an inclusionary zoning program
  • Incorporating incentives such as a density bonus program to encourage the development of workforce housing
  • Creating standards for shared amenity housing
  • Creating standards for tiny home development
  • Reviewing and providing recommendations for the County’s existing TDR program as it relates to work force housing
  • Providing other recommended edits to the Code to encourage the development of workforce housing

The final Code Audit Report can be found here.

Next, the Planning and Housing Departments will be drafting Code Amendments to bring to the Countywide Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners for review and feedback in late 2023.