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Summit County Public Health is actively investigating COVID-19 cases in our community. On this page, we provide information on the number of positive cases and breakdowns by age, sex and race/ethnicity, rates of positive tests (positivity), hospitalizations, deaths, variants, and outbreaks. Visit our Cumulative Data, Outbreak Data, and Vaccine Data pages for more COVID-19 metrics. These metrics are updated by 8 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. Updates are not available on federal holidays.  

Unless otherwise specified, all case data below pertains to Summit County residents only. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) counts cases among visitors in their county of residence, even if they are tested here. If you have questions, contact us via email or call 970-485-4824.

For more information, see Summit County COVID-19 Community Level and CDC COVID-19 Community Levels

Case Data Summary

A COVID-19 case is defined based on the Position Statement of the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists. To view additional metrics on Deaths due to COVID-19, cases, and hospitalizations, visit the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment Dashboard. For additional state and county level data see the Colorado Population Data Dashboard.

It is important to note that the metrics displayed in the table above compare 7-day and 28-day averages. Therefore, all metrics in the table will vary from individual daily count reporting in other graphs and tables on Case Data, Milestones, and Outbreaks dashboards. 

Daily COVID-19 Confirmed and Probable Cases, Deaths, Hospitalizations, Transfers, and Outbreaks

This chart shows the number of COVID-19 cases of Summit County residents by date reported to CDPHE; COVID-19 hospitalizations by daily facility census; and deaths among COVID-19 cases, on a daily basis for the last 28 days. Hospitalization and transfer data include the total number of resident and non-resident patients hospitalized due to COVID-19 at St. Anthony Summit Medical Center (SASMC) or transferred to another facility. In many cases, test results are reported to us up to seven days after a test is administered. Thus, the number of cases shown for the most recent five to seven days are not yet complete and could increase as we receive additional reports. Outbreak data refers to the reported outbreaks in the past month. 

Due to delays in our receipt of test results, data from the most recent 5-7 days are not yet complete.
To view statewide data and compare Summit County with other counties in Colorado, see CDPHE case data.

Positive Cases by Age Group, Race/Ethnicity, and Sex

This chart shows the total number of positive and probable cases of COVID-19 among Summit County residents broken down by age group in the last 28 days. Due to the small number of cases among transgender and gender-nonconforming people, data on those cases are not included in this chart. The ‘Hispanic/Latinx’ ethnicity category includes people of any race. The ‘Other’ category includes Black / African American, Native American / American Indian, Pacific Islander, Asian, Asian American and multiracial people. 

Variant Results

This table shows a subset of positive COVID-19 tests in the last 28 days that were sequenced by variant type. For additional information, see  CDC COVID-19 Variants


This graph shows the rolling 7-day positivity of PCR-confirmed positive tests. 

COVID-19 Monitoring in Wastewater 

CDPHE is collaborating with labs and wastewater utilities statewide to test for COVID-19 virus particles in wastewater. The virus can appear in stool before someone shows any symptoms. People who don’t show symptoms also can shed the virus. Testing wastewater can give health officials early warnings about increases or decreases in COVID-19 cases within a community. For more details about the program, visit CDPHE COVID-19 Monitoring in Wastewater
Current wastewater trends are found on the Colorado COVID-19 Wastewater Monitoring Data Trends dashboard. 

Cifras de casos COVID-19 en el Condado de Summit 

Salud pública del Condado de Summit está investigando activamente los casos COVID-19 en nuestra comunidad. En esta página se provee información sobre el numero de casos positivos y su distribución basada en edad, sexo y raza, cantidad de exámenes administrados y positivos, hospitalizaciones, muertes, variantes y brotes. Visite nuestras paginas Cifras acumuladas, Cifras de brotes, Cifras de vacunas   para mas medidas de COVID-19. 

A menos que se especifique lo contrario, todos las cifras de casos a continuación se refieren solo a los residentes del Condado de Summit. El Departamento de Salud Pública y Medio Ambiente de Colorado (CDPHE por sus siglas en inglés) cuenta los casos entre los visitantes en su condado de residencia, incluso si se hacen las pruebas aquí. Si tiene preguntas, contáctenos por correo electrónico o llame al (970) 485-4824. 

Para más información, vea el Nivel de COVID-19 en Summit County y los Niveles de COVID-19 en las comunidades de CDC.

Resumen de Datos de Casos

Un caso de COVID-19 se define según la Declaración de posición del Consejo de Epidemiólogos del Estado y sus territorios. Para obtener medidas adicionales en decesos debido al COVID-19, casos y hospitalizaciones, visite el tablero del departamento de Colorado de salud publica y medio ambiente .  Para cifras adicionales a nivel estatal y de condado, consulte el el tablero de cifras de la poblacion de Colorado.

Casos positivos por grupo de edad, raza/etnicidad, y sexo

Esta gráfica muestra el número de casos positivos y probables de COVID-19 entre los residentes del condado de Summit, desglosado por grupo de edad en los últimos 28 días. Debido al pequeño número de casos entre personas transgénero y no conformes con el género, las cifras sobre esos casos no se incluyen en esta grafica. La categoría de etnicidad 'hispano / latinx' incluye personas de cualquier raza. La categoría 'Otros' incluye personas negras / afroamericanas, nativas americanas / indias americanas, isleñas del Pacífico, asiáticas, asiáticoamericanas y personas multirraciales. 

Resultados de variantes

Esta tabla muestra un subconjunto de pruebas positivas de COVID-19 en los últimos 28 días que se secuenciaron por tipo de variante. Para obtener información adicional, consulte  CDC COVID-19 Variants

Porcentaje de pruebas positivas

Este gráfico muestra las pruebas positivas durante los 7 dias anteriores