Recpath Conditions

Summit County Recpath Conditions

This page contains upcoming Recpath projects and the most current Recpath status. Summit County Open Space and Trails will make every effort to keep this page as up to date as possible. However, please know that a section of Recpath may be closed temporarily due to an emergency, and this page will not reflect that status.

Upcoming Recpath Projects

  • May 17 – June 2:  Crews from Xcel Energy will be conducting required monitoring of the high-pressure gas line that runs along the Recpath from Tenmile Canyon to Breckenridge. Users may encounter trucks, equipment and crews working for the next 2-3 weeks. They will be drilling 1-inch holes in the Recpath for their electronic monitoring equipment, which will be refilled upon completion.
  • May 22:  Crews from A Peak Asphalt will be crack sealing the Recpath along the Dillon Dam. On May 22 from roughly 8am to 2pm, the Recpath will be CLOSED for this work. Please select another route on this day. We appreciate your cooperation.
  • May 23 – 25: A Peak Asphalt will be crack sealing the Recpath from the Dillon Nature Preserve to Summit Cove. Users will encounter equipment and crews working in the area, so please use caution and slower speeds when traveling on this section.
  • June 5 – 9: The Open Space and Trails crew will be repairing the decking on one of the bridges located along the Swan Mountain Recpath section. The Recpath will be CLOSED the entire week from the top of Sapphire Point to Summit Cove. Please select another route during this week. We appreciate your cooperation with this closure.

Spring 2023 Recpath Status 

(Last updated 5/22/23)

NOTE: Even though all Recpath sections are now open and plowed, expect early season conditions involving ice, snow, and sand. Conditions may change throughout the day based on springtime weather. Sand and rocks will be present on the path even after crews have swept. Recpath plowing and sweeping are conducted in partnership with the Summit County Road and Bridge Department. 

Vail Pass/Fremont Pass/Tenmile Canyon: OPEN. These three sections have all been plowed and swept, and are now open. Please use caution when riding through the Vail Pass tunnels, as there is still ice present. 

Swan Mountain: OPEN, BUT USE CAUTION. The entire Swan Mountain section from Farmers Korner to Summit Cove is open for the summer season. Cyclists need to be aware of the poor road conditions that exist in the descending lane from Sapphire Point to Farmers Korner. Numerous hazards, including large potholes, exist -- please use extreme caution when riding this section!

All other Recpath sections: OPEN. These sections have all been plowed and swept, and are ready for the summer season.