Recpath Conditions

Summit County Recpath Conditions

This page contains upcoming Recpath projects and the most current Recpath status. Summit County Open Space and Trails will make every effort to keep this page as up to date as possible. However, please know that a section of Recpath may be closed temporarily due to an emergency, and this page may not reflect that status.

Winter 2023 - 2024 Recpath Status 

(Last updated 12/7/23)

Conditions change with weather and use. Please use caution and anticipate icy, snowy, and snow packed conditions on any section of the Recpath in the winter months. 

  • Fremont: CLOSED. To protect Canada lynx, the Fremont section has an annual seasonal wildlife closure from November 23 to April 30. This section from Copper Mountain up Highway 91 will not open until at least mid-May 2024.
  • Swan Mountain: CLOSED. To protect winter Elk habitat, the Swan Mountain Recpath has an annual seasonal wildlife closure from December 1- March 31. 
  • Dillon Dam: CLOSED. The Dillon Dam Recpath will be closed for the winter of 2023-2024 due to hazardous conditions and snow removal operations on the Dillon Dam Road. 
  • Tenmile Canyon: OPEN. This section is currently open but is not plowed or groomed. The Tenmile Canyon Recpath will close for the winter season in the coming weeks as the snow pack in the Tenmile avalanche paths increases.
  • Keystone: PLOWED. The Keystone Recpath is plowed from the intersection of Highway 6 and W Keystone Road to its terminus on Montezuma Road. Portions of this Recpath share Ida Belle Drive and E Keystone Road. Please use caution.
  • Dillon and Silverthorne: PLOWED. The Recpath is plowed by the Towns of Dillon and Silverthorne from the Dillon Nature Preserve on Highway 6 to the end of the Blue River Recpath in Silverthorne. 
  • Frisco: PLOWED. The Town of Frisco plows the Recpath from the Frisco Nordic Center/Adventure Park to Dillon Dam Road.
  • Frisco to Breckenridge: GROOMED. The Gold Run and Frisco Nordic Centers groom the Recpath from the Frisco Nordic Center to the Breckenridge Recreation Center Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as conditions allow. Grooming may occur more or less frequently depending on conditions. 
  • Dillon Dam Road: OPEN. The Recpath along Dillon Dam Road from the Town of Frisco to the Dillon Dam closure is open, but not groomed or plowed.
  • Dillon to Keystone: OPEN. The Recpath is open but not groomed or plowed from the Dillon Nature Preserve to West Keystone Road.
  • Temple Trail (Miner's Creek to Park-and-Ride): OPEN. This section of path is open and portions are plowed. Remaining portions are not plowed or groomed. Vehicles share the plowed portions. Please use caution and share the path.
  • Vail Pass: OPEN. The Recpath is open from Copper to Vail Pass but is not plowed or groomed.
Map of Winter Recpath Status