Transit to Trails

The Summit Stage and Open Space and Trails Departments are excited to announce their new program to provide accessible access to trailheads and to promote the County's sustainability goals through the use of public transportation.

The Transit to Trails program is a free service where recreators simply need to hop on the Summit Stage bus to access popular trailheads in Summit County. 

While there are numerous trails accessible from the many bus stops located in the County, this new program focuses specifically on nine locations where trailheads are located within 1/4 to 1/2-mile of a Summit Stage bus stop. The goal is to add more trailheads to this program next year!

Please see below for a list of the trailheads and trails that you can reach by riding the Summit Stage. 

Transit to Trails Logo

Frisco to Breckenridge

Summit Stage StopTrailheadTrails Route Schedule
Community CenterMiners Creek TrailheadRainbow Lake, Miners Creek, Ophir Mountain, Peaks TrailSee Schedule
Revett DriveGold Hill TrailheadFrisco Recpath, Gold Hill, 
Colorado Trail: Segments 6 and 7
See Schedule

Boreas Pass Loop

Summit Stage StopTrailheadTrails Route Schedule
Emmit LodeBaldy TrailheadTrue Romance, Mountain Pride,
Pinball Alley, Baldy Mountain
See Schedule
Rock RidgeSallie Barber TrailheadJuniata, Barney Ford, Sallie Barber Road, V3See Schedule

Copper Mountain

Summit Stage StopTrailheadTrails Route Schedule
WoodbridgeNorth Tenmile TrailheadTenmile Recpath, North Tenmile Creek, Mountain RoyalSee Schedule
Copper EntranceColorado TrailheadTenmile Recpath, Fremont Recpath, Vail Pass Recpath,
Colorado Trail: Segments 7 and 8
See Schedule

Wilderness Loop

Summit Stage StopTrailheadTrails Route Schedule
TrailheadLily Pad and Buffalo Cabin TrailheadLily Pad Lake, Buffalo Mountain,
Gore Range, Willow Creek Falls
See Schedule
Silver Queen EastSalt Lick TrailheadUpper Salt Lick, Lower Salt LickSee Schedule

Silverthorne to Keystone

Summit Stage StopTrailheadTrails Route Schedule
River RunKeystone RecpathKeystone Recpath, Snake River RecpathSee Schedule