Bill Pay FAQ's

Q: Why did you partner with Xpress Bill Pay?

            A: We feel the customer offerings on Xpress Bill Pay which allow you to pay your bills quickly and securely, view your billing and payment history, sign-up for paperless billing, receive billing notifications via email or text, personally and privately manage your auto pay settings, update your payment information, etc. are a benefit to you. We hope you enjoy these features. 


Q: Am I required to use Xpress Bill Pay?

A: No. You may continue to receive a paper bill in the mail. You may continue to mail a check to us at 4344 Swan Mountain Road, Dillon, CO 80435 to make your quarterly payment. You may also drop your check in our drop box on Cove Boulevard near the Rice Barn if you would like to save on postage. 


Though you may choose not to use Xpress Bill pay for your payments, you may still find the portal useful for paperless billing, email/text notifications, online account history and a view of your account balance at-a-glance. You are welcome to sign-up for an Xpress Bill Pay account and may use the website without electing for any of the bill pay options, at no cost. 


Although we encourage creating an account to get the most out of this new service, Xpress Bill Pay does offer Guest Checkout for those that are not yet wanting to set up an account.


Q: Does it cost anything to sign up?

A: It does not cost anything to sign up to view your account and download copies of your billing history. If you choose to use the bill payment options, there may be transaction fees involved. Should you use auto-pay through your bank rather than Xpress Bill Pay's website, your bank may send the payment for electronic deposit through Xpress Bill Pay (rather than mailing us a paper check). In that instance, a $0.25 transaction fee may be passed-on to you on your quarterly sewer bill.

Q: Can I setup automatic payments?
          A: Yes. Payments will be automatically deducted through Xpress Bill Pay from either your bank account or credit card on the frequency you choose. Please note our payment due dates on the Rates & Fees tab of our website when choosing your payment date.

Q: I was previously enrolled in auto pay through your utility. Am I required to enroll in auto pay on Xpress Bill Pay or can I leave it set-up so you automatically deduct my payments?

            A: As mentioned above, you are not required to use Xpress Bill Pay. Should you wish to have your sewer payments automatically withdrawn from your bank account, you will need to set that up through Xpress Bill Pay. We will no longer process automatic payment withdrawals on our own/outside of Xpress Bill Pay.


Q: Why do I have to pay fees when I didn’t previously?
             A: Our online bill pay portal previously charged transaction fees which were the same or similar to those charged by Xpress Bill Pay. Our auto pay previously did not charge a fee and we understand if the new fee may be unexpected. We feel the convenience of the account features mentioned above, including your ability to update your banking information and store it securely with the Xpress Bill Pay portal, are worth the $4.00 annual transaction fee ($4.00 should you opt for 4 quarterly payments via e-check method).


If you do not wish to pay the transaction fees, you may continue to mail a check to us at 4344 Swan Mountain Road to make your quarterly payment. You may also drop your check in our drop box on Cove Boulevard near the Rice Barn to save the cost of postage.


Q: Is my information safe?

A: Absolutely. All of the transactions are handled on secure servers and all sensitive data encrypted. As long as you don't give out your password, only you will be able to access your account. Plus, your personal information or e-mail address will NOT be sold or rented to third parties for marketing purposes without your permission.

Q: I have multiple sewer accounts. Do I need a separate login for each billing account?

A: No. You can manage all of your accounts from a single login.


Q: How do I update my customer information such as email address?

A: First log in to your account. In the upper right corner of the screen, you will see the profile icon along with the name associated with your account. Click the dropdown arrow and select "Account Settings." You can then update your contact or login information by clicking “Edit” and then click “Save Edits.”


Q: How do I know the payment went through?

A: After you complete the transaction, you will receive a transaction receipt with confirmation number, as well as an email as a secondary confirmation.


Q: What if I need assistance?

            A: You may reach out to Xpress Bill Pay Customer Support at 385-218-0343 or for assistance with the website.