Accessory Dwelling Unit Assistance Program

The Summit County Housing Department has implemented a new program called the Accessory Dwelling Unit Assistance Program to assist in the creation of accessory dwelling units (ADU’s) in Summit County (attached and detached). Depending on the situation, Summit County will reimburse up to $60,000 of the cost of constructing new ADU’s. In areas with participating Water and Sewer districts these funds can be used to pay water and sewer tap fees up front. There is also funding available to create new ADU’s in existing homes and to convert non-compliant ADU’s into compliant ADU’s.

Is an ADU right for me? (pdf)

ADU Assistance Program Guidelines (pdf)

ADU Assistance Program - Covenant (pdf)

ADU Assistance Program - Funding Agreement (pdf)

ADU Assistance Program Application

ADU Hiller POH 2023 Exterior

ADU Stock Plans

Summit County is in the final phases of work with Design Path Studios from Encinitas, California to create ADU stock plans. These plans will be available free of charge to homeowners in Summit, saving them the time and cost of working with an architect to design an ADU for their property. These plans can be used by homeowners regardless of whether they are participating in the ADU Assistance Program. 

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