How to Apply for an STR License

Materials Needed to Apply for a Short-Term Rental License

Applications will be denied if they contain unverified bedrooms or incorrect information.  Please confirm the number of official bedrooms in your unit with the Summit County Assessor prior to application and ensure all information, including unit number, is correct.

Please read through all regulations and requirements before applying.  Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted and refunds will not be issued. Please verify you have the following information and documents:

  • If your property is on a septic system, you will need an OWTS pumper report from within the last 3 years.  If you need help locating your pumper report, either use the County's eTRAKiT tool or contact Environmental Health at 970-668-4070.
  • Sales tax license number and certificate with Summit County listed as the jurisdiction.  If you are using Airbnb, VRBO, or other Expedia Group websites, please visit the Tax Information page on our website.  If you have questions regarding sales tax, please contact the Finance Department at 970-453-3439.
  • Completed and signed Acknowledgement form
  • If the property is owned by a Trust, LLC, Inc. or other multi-party entity, documentation listing all owners of a property, including form of ownership and percentage share, as applicable.
  • If property is on a well, you must submit the well permit.  Please visit the Colorado Division of Water Resources to locate the permit.  If the property also has a hot tub being served by a well, you are required to submit proof that the well has been properly augmented.  For more information on water augmentation, please visit the Vidler Water website.
  • Proof of fire pit permit issued by Summit Fire and EMS, if property has an outdoor fire pit. 
  • Only applicable for Type I licenses:
    • Evidence showing the STR Qualified Occupant (QO) has a mailing address in Summit County.
    • Evidence showing the QO works in Summit County (paystub, W-2, etc)
    • Copy of a lease to QO (if applicable)
    • At least 2 of the following showing the STR address:
      • Voter registration
      • Tax returns or other tax documents
      • Motor Vehicle Registration

To apply for a Type I license, please have all required documents ready and follow all prompts within the Host Compliance portal.  

Please note that incomplete or incorrect applications submitted will be rejected and no refunds will be issued.

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