Summit County Engineering Department

Summit County is currently restricting all public access to the following offices/functions: Community Development Services (Building, Housing, Planning, Engineering, Environmental Health), Open Space, CSU Extension, Road and Bridge Administration, and Facilities.

Routine services are being provided on a very minimal basis. We are requesting that persons needing access to those functions first try to conduct their business over the phone, or via the Summit County website.

The Summit County Engineering Department administers the county’s floodplain regulations, road and bridge standards, grading and excavation regulations and water quality standards through various permitting and approval processes.

These regulations are contained in the Summit County Land Use and Development Code.

  • Improvement Districts
    • Local Improvement Districts
    • Public Improvement Districts
  • Inspections
    • Scheduling Inspections
    • Inspection Standards
  • Traffic / Road Related Requests
    • Variances from the Road and Bridge Standards
    • Road Maintenance Requests
    • Right-of-Way / Access Easement Vacations
    • Road Signs / Traffic Control Devices