Employee Benefits

Summit County Government Employee Benefits Summary

This Benefit Summary is intended to be an overview of the County benefit programs available to regular full-time and regular part-time year-round employees. Benefits may be subject to eligibility requirements and are subject to change. 



Summit County Government does not participate in Social Security. The County Retirement Income Security Program (CRISP) is Summit County’s Social Security replacement plan and a 401a program. The CRISP Social Security replacement plan is 100% Employer Funded.

Regular full-time and regular part-time Summit County Government employees are not subject to Social Security deductions. The County will make a contribution based on 13.45% of your base salary, 11.4% of which will be placed in a retirement account that allows for self-direction into your choice of many investment options. You can monitor and change your account by phone or on the CRISP website. The remaining contribution of 2.05% provides life insurance, long term disability coverage, and coverage for accidental death & dismemberment. 
                                             PERIOD OF SERVICE                                % OF ACCOUNT VESTED
                                             Less than 6 months                                                     0%
                                             6 months up to 1 year                                               50.0%
                                             1 year up to 2 years                                                  67.5%
                                             2 years up to 3 years                                                 75.0%
                                             3 years up to 4 years                                                 87.5%
                                             4 years and over                                                      100.0%

Under certain situations, CRISP distributions are available at age 55 without penalty.

Colorado Retirement Association (CRA) 401(a)

All regular full-time and regular part-time Summit County Government employees participate in the Colorado Retirement Association (CRA) retirement program that starts on date of hire. The employee has a mandatory contribution of 3% of their base salary, which is matched by the County (3%). Contributions are pre-tax; taxes are due upon withdrawal. This retirement investment is also self-directed into your choice of a wide variety of funds. There is a five year vesting schedule that begins on the date of hire.  

                                         AFTER COMPLETION OF:                             % OF ACCOUNT VESTED
                                          1 year of employment                                                       20% 
                                          2 years of employment                                                     40% 
                                          3 years of employment                                                     60% 
                                          4 years of employment                                                     80% 
                                          5 years of employment                                                    100%

CRA 457(b)
Deferred Compensation Plan (Employer Funded)


All regular full-time and regular part-time Summit County Government employees are enrolled in a Summit County Employer Funded CRA 457 deferred compensation plan of .6% that starts at date of hire. 


CRA 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan (Optional)

In addition to the previously mentioned retirement plans, there is a CRA 457 Deferred Compensation plan that is a voluntary supplemental retirement savings plan, which is available immediately. The employee decides how much to contribute (specific % or $ amount) and the contributions can be made pre-tax and/or after-tax (ROTH). Employee decides how to invest those contributions. The 2022 maximum limits are $20,500, Age 50 or better, $27,000. 



The following guidelines apply to regular full-time and regular part-time Summit County Government employees following the completion of 30 days of service. 

Comprehensive Medical/Dental/Vision Plan 

Health coverage is available through pre-tax deductions at single, 2-party and family rates. The Employee Benefit plan combines with an annual voluntary Wellness Reimbursement Account (WRA) to provide coverage for medical, dental and vision benefits, and prescriptions. Health coverage is also available for domestic partner and common law marriage relationships. 

2022 Medical/Delta Dental/VSP Vision Premiums (per paycheck) 

Full-Time, Part-Time, Seasonal FT                      
Single:                    $56.78                                    
2 party:                  $116.83                                    
Family:                   $186.09                                
Tier 1- Peak/Bright Health Tier 2- Aetna
Deductible per Year:     N/A $2,500 Individual/$5,000 2-Party/Family

Coinsurance       80%/20% 70%/30% after the deductible has been reached
(County/Employee Cost Share)

Annual Out of Pocket Maximum: $4,000 Individual $5,000 Individual $8,000 2-Party/Family $10,000 2-Party/Family

                        Dental Only Premium                                                                                  Vision Only Premium 
                         Single  $15.73                                                                                                  Single  $2.82 
                         2 Party $26.47                                                                                                  2 Party $4.63
                         Family $40.10                                                                                                   Family $7.45
                         Premium per paycheck                                                                                    Premium per paycheck 



Flexible Spending

The Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) are available to provide pre-tax deductions for medical and dependent-care services. 

Wellness Reimbursement Account (Voluntary)

The Wellness Reimbursement Account (WRA) is 100% funded by the County. It is money provided by the County for our Employees and their Spouses/Domestic Partners who are enrolled on the County's health plan, to help offset out of pocket expenses. The amount the participant is allotted in their WRA is based on participation in the voluntary Health Risk Assessment and biometric screening. Additional funds may be awarded by meeting or exceeding the goals for blood pressure, cholesterol, body mass index (BMI), and tobacco/nicotine use.

Amount is based on Health Assessment results: $250—$750 employee per year 
                                                                              $125—$375 spouse per year

WRA will reimburse for:
Qualified non-traditional medicine
Dental (including major services)
Well care
Prescription co-pays & OTC Drug expense 


Life Insurance 


Life insurance that totals 6x the employee's base annual wages up to $600,000
Dependent life for eligible dependents. 
Long Term Disability and Accidental Death & Dismemberment.

Short/Long term disability insurance is also provided to qualifying employees
Short Term Disability (STD)

Summit County Government provides employees with the opportunity for income continuation in the event of major illness or non-job related injury which prevents an employee from working their normal job. 

Employee Assistance Program


MINES and Associates is the Plan Administrator for the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) program for Summit County Government. Employees and their household members are eligible for three free confidential counseling sessions per incident per year. 


Rental Assistance 

Summit County Government provides a short-term subsidized rental unit to employees. Rental may be single-room or full-unit and are subject to availability on a first come, first serve basis.

Down Payment Assistance 

All first-time Summit County home buyers who meet regular full-time employment requirements for nine months are eligible for a Down Payment Assistance loan. The lesser of 10% of your purchase price or $30,000 is available for the purchase of a Summit County home. This program is subject to availability. 


Paid time off includes holiday, vacation, sick, and compensatory time off.


All regular full-time and regular part-time employees (prorated) are eligible for vacation accrued as follows:

Years of Service                       Bi-weekly accrual/annual accrual                      Max accrual
0-3 years                                             3.08 hours/80 hours                                120 hours
3-5 years                                             4.62 hours/120 hours                              160 hours
5-6 years                                             4.92 hours/128 hours                              168 hours
6-7 years                                             5.23 hours/136 hours                              176 hours
7-8 years                                             5.54 hours/144 hours                              184 hours
8-9 years                                             5.85 hours/152 hours                              192 hours
9 or more                                             6.16 hours/160 hours                              200 hours


Holiday pay on each County observed holiday is limited to eight (8) hours for regular full-time employees. Regular part-time employees’ holiday hours are prorated based on their basic work schedule. Both Priority and Non-priority holidays may be retained from year to year (with a maximum limit) and will be paid out at separation.

Well Time Off

All regular full-time and regular part-time (prorated) employees using ten (10) hours or less sick time in the period January 1—June 30 and/or in the period July 1—December 31 may use eight (8) hours of sick leave as well time off. 


All regular full-time and regular part-time employees accrue sick time on a per pay period basis. Regular full-time employees accrue at a rate of 3.69 hours per pay period. Regular part-time employees accrue prorated based on their basic work schedule.

Compensatory time off 

Non-exempt employees are eligible for compensatory time off at 1.5 times the hours working in lieu of paid overtime when working over forty (40) hours in a week or eighty (80) hours in a two-week period for the 207(k) eligible employees of the Sheriff’s Office.