Special Landfill Discards

SCRAP segregates many different types of items from entering the waste stream, thus reusing, recycling, or composting to protect our limited air space.The Tipping Fees (pdf) explains much of these separated materials.We do separate out wood slash, stumps, and acceptable shipping pallets and clean lumber (see acceptance policy)for our composting program.There is also separation of specific Green / Organic wastes to keep our landfill

from filling up with beneficial material that can be put to good use in other projects.

Commonly Discarded Items

Please look below for common items addressed with different rates or sites for discard:

Animal Fatalities

  • We do not accept pets – Please contact Animal Shelter (970) 668-3230.
  • We do accept large animals – horse, llamas,etc. Fatalities can go either to landfill or compost area – they can be accepted every day, Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. though it is helpful if we receive notice prior to arrival. We need to inquire with customer on initial phone inquiry if the customer would prefer compost or landfill. The charge is the loose rate by weight and an additional handling fee (currently $60) for either area.


Appliances (up to two - $ 10 each) Three appliances and up – charged as scrap metal. All cooling units must have proper documentation that the coolant has been removed by a certified technician and provided at check in.

Clean Structural Soil

  • Criteria for structural fill – Contains no organic material, no trash, and is free of mud and/or excess moisture. Size – 1 foot minus. Any material that does not meet the above requirements will be charged the current rate for trash along with applicable surcharges.
  • Criteria for topsoil – Contains no trash, and is free of mud and/or excess moisture.Size – 1 foot minus.Any material that does not meet the above requirements will be charged the current rate for trash along with applicable surcharges.

Shipping Pallets and Clean Lumber

  • Raw dimensional lumber only – No painted, stained, or treated wood. Plywood and OSB are considered trash.
  • Shake shingles are considered trash.
  • No trash or other construction debris in load. Pallets without metal strapping or other contaminants are okay. No tree slash or stumps. No metal hardware.
  • Please remember that contaminated loads will be charged at the Loose trash rate, along with applicable surcharges and additional hauling fees.

Contaminated Soil

Demolition Projects

Asbestos free sampling inspection reports signed by a certified engineer are required 14 days in advance of estimated delivery date for all building demolition projects including mobile home demolition. This includes abatement manifests for any material outlined for special handling in the report. Reports should be emailed to Scrap.Approvals@summitcountyco.gov. Neither friable nor non-friable asbestos is accepted at this facility.

Call the landfill for more information. Additional fees may apply for review purposes.


Please visit the our Electronics section on the Recycling page on this website for more information.

Mobile Homes

Due to the problems associated with the disposal of manufactured homes at the landfill, specifically the steel frame, the landfill will only accept this material in the following ways:

  • A minimum of 48 hours of notice is required.
  • Additional charges may apply for any appliances, etc. that might be in the home.
  • In all cases, the necessary paper work from the Summit County Treasurer must be provided prior to or at the time the manufactured home is brought to the landfill. The manufactured home will not be accepted without the appropriate paper work.*
  • The manufactured home will be delivered in a demolished state via roll-offs, tandems, end dumps, etc. and charged at "Loose" Rate with applicable surcharges. A demolition permit including asbestos inspection will be required in advance of the material arriving to determine acceptance.
  • There is an additional charge for the tires, which must be removed before it is buried. The owner is responsible for removing them and will sign a liability waiver to do any work on site.
  • We will only accept manufacturer homes from Summit County.
  • *Individual will need to get Authentication Form from Assessor’s office, proof that all outstanding property taxes are paid and to ensure the property is removed from tax roll. They also must provide proof of ownership – with title (copy is acceptable – new state motor vehicle requirement that original stays with county) bill of sale, or sheriff’s abandonment paperwork.

Organic Material

Yard Waste - Both Green Yard Waste and Manure need to be isolated materials. Organics may not contain rocks, plastic bags, noxious weeds, dog or cat feces, wood, or trash. Contaminated material will be directed to landfill at current "loose" rates along with applicable surcharges.

Scrap Metal

No contaminants - barbed wire, chicken wire, or rolled fencing, rebar, cable, brake shoes or pads, propane or fuel tanks. Barrels are only accepted with lids off or cut open.


Snowmobiles do not have titles. Upon disposal, collect the registration and inform the customer to notify Parks and Recreation to tell them it has been disposed of. All fuels and oils need to be drained. Loose rate charge.

Tow Trailers

  • A Loose rate is charged and it goes into the landfill.
  • Effective July, 2008 - Campers will no longer be accepted at the metal yard.
  • Must provide title for disposal.
  • The customer will need to call Motor Vehicle and notify that the trailer was disposed of.
  • There is an additional charge for the tires.


  • Not accepted in the landfill. Fees - with or without rim 23” and under $10 each, 24 “ and over $40 each. Off-road tires prices vary. $50 - $100 each.

Wood, Slash & Stumps

  • Each are isolated materials and require separate weights.
  • No dirt, rocks, or trash.
  • Loads are inspected and contaminated loads will be charged at the loose trash rate, along with applicable surcharges and additional hauling fees.

For More Information

Please call the gatehouse with any other questions if you have not found your answers

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