Marijuana Land Use and Zoning

The Summit County Land Use and Development Code contains regulations that govern the uses and activities associated with medical marijuana and retail marijuana to ensure that such uses and activities operate in a safe manner that does not endanger the public welfare.

For detailed land use and zoning regulations related to marijuana, refer to Development Code Section 3804, Medical and Retail Marijuana (pdf).

Residential Cultivation of Marijuana

Marijuana, either medical or recreational, may only be grown in a residence for personal use in accordance with Section 3804.04 (pdf) of the Summit County Land Use and Development Code, and may not be sold commercially.

Regulations on Marijuana Businesses

At this time, there are no marijuana businesses licensed and operating in unincorporated Summit County. However, there are businesses operating in the towns of Breckenridge, Frisco, and Silverthorne. If you have questions about operating businesses in any of the towns, please contact them directly.

Restrictions on where a marijuana business can locate

Marijuana cannot be cultivated on or sold from A-1 (Agricultural) or Residential properties. Cultivation, retail sales, and Medical Marijuana Centers can only locate within the I-1, CG, CN, B-1, B-3 zoning districts, and PUDs that specifically allow the use. At a minimum, no marijuana business shall be located within the following distances from the specified land uses listed below:
  1. 50 feet of property being used for a residential use, property in a residential zoning district, and a property with a residential use in a PUD;
  2. 1,000 feet of a licensed childcare facility or residential childcare facility;
  3. 1,000 feet of any elementary school, middle school, high school, college or university, either public or private;
  4. 500 feet of a halfway house or correctional facility;
  5. 500 feet of another marijuana business.

Applying for a permit or license for a marijuana business

Contact the Summit County Planning Department at 970-668-4200. Because marijuana activities may require electrical, plumbing, or other changes to a building, contact the Building Department at 970-668-3170 for information about building permits and construction.

Section 3804 of the Summit County Land Use and Development Code - Medical and Retail Marijuana (pdf)