Summit County Master Plans

Summit County's master plans provide policy guidance for decisions related to land use, growth, environmental protection, open space, recreational trails, visual impacts, housing, economic development, and other topics pertinent to the viability of Summit County.

Division of the County

The county is divided into four geographic basins and each basin has a master plan, which provides further specific direction on land use decisions within the basin. Within each basin there may be a sub-basin plan to address unique circumstances on a neighborhood or regional scale. In addition, within the Upper Blue Basin, the County has adopted a joint master plan with the towns of Breckenridge and Blue River (the Joint Upper Blue Master Plan), which provides a common vision for the future of the basin and serves as a guide for decisions affecting the physical development of the basin within all three jurisdictions. 


The purpose and intent of the master plans is to establish direction and provide specific recommendations for the future physical development of the county and the respective basins. Each plan articulates the community’s common vision for the future and informs citizens, property owners, and developers of the goals, policies, actions, and implementation strategies that will shape the future. Master plans also provide a means for communication and coordination between the County, the towns, special districts, and federal, regional, and state agencies.

Major Development Proposals

As indicated in the Land Use and Development Code, development proposals such as subdivisions, rezonings, planned unit developments, conditional use permits, and regulatory revisions must be evaluated against the relevant master plan(s) to ensure the proposals are generally consistent with the overall direction, intent, and guidance provided in each applicable plan.

Master Plans