Road and Recpath Projects

The Road & Bridge Department, as well as other agencies/organizations in Summit County, are working on a number of road and recpath projects. Some projects are in the construction phase; others are in planning or design phases.

CO Highway 9 South Access Control Plan

The Town of Blue River, Town of Breckenridge, Summit County and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) have identified a need to develop an Access Control Plan for Colorado State Highway 9 in Summit County between MP 77.5 (Carroll Lane) and MP 86.26 (Broken Lance Drive), a total distance of approximately 8.76 miles. The access control plan will give CDOT and local agencies a long-range planning document to identify access points along the state highway. In addition to the Access Control Plan, the project team is developing a conceptual (15%) trail design within the study limits to expand on the Hoosier Pass Recreational Pathway Feasibility Study that was completed in 2013. The conceptual trail design will give local agencies a starting point to obtain future funding opportunities.

Summit Cove Loop Project

Through the Summit Cove Loop Project, Summit County is installing bicycle/pedestrian lanes in both directions along Summit Drive and Cove Boulevard, creating safer and more enjoyable walking and riding experiences along a 2.4-mile loop in the Summit Cove neighborhood. This multi-year project also includes roadway improvements, drainage improvements and enhanced connectivity with the Summit County Recpath and Summit Stage transit services. Learn more about the Summit Cove Loop Project.