Road and Recpath Projects

The Road & Bridge Department, as well as other agencies/organizations in Summit County, are working on a number of road and recpath projects. Some projects are in the construction phase; others are in planning or design phases.

CO Highway 9 South Access Control Plan

The Town of Blue River, Town of Breckenridge, Summit County and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) have identified a need to develop an Access Control Plan for Colorado State Highway 9 in Summit County between MP 77.5 (Carroll Lane) and MP 86.26 (Broken Lance Drive), a total distance of approximately 8.76 miles. The access control plan will give CDOT and local agencies a long-range planning document to identify access points along the state highway. In addition to the Access Control Plan, the project team is developing a conceptual (15%) trail design within the study limits to expand on the Hoosier Pass Recreational Pathway Feasibility Study that was completed in 2013. The conceptual trail design will give local agencies a starting point to obtain future funding opportunities.

Peak One Drive

In summer and fall of 2019, extensive construction took place on Peak One Drive between the Summit County Commons and St. Anthony Summit Medical Center. A new road alignment made room for a new sand storage building and transit operations center. The sand storage building will be shared by CDOT and Summit County Road & Bridge snow removal operations. The realignment of Peak One Drive removed one of the tighter curves in the road, improving drivability for buses and emergency vehicles, which use the road frequently.