Civil Section

The Civil Section provides services such as Service of Process, Evictions / Writs of Restitution, and Decree of Foreclosure / Writ of Execution / Sheriff’s Sales. For more information on each of these services, please click on the links to the left.

The Civil Section accepts papers for service of process in Summit County, Colorado. Civil papers can be mailed to the Sheriff’s Office or hand delivered for service once they have been filed with the appropriate court. Please note the Sheriff's Office cannot give legal advice.

Attempted Services are based upon the information you provide. Fill out the Civil Process Information Sheet as completely as possible and include any information which may assist us in successfully serving your papers. Examples of additional information which can be helpful are age, physical description, place of employment, best time to serve, and vehicle description.


    • Civil Information Sheet. 
    • The documents to be served.         
    • A valid email address and/or mailing address for return documents.
    • Self-addressed/stamped envelope for the return of service if returned documents are preferred by mail.
    • There will be a $3.00 charge for mailed documents if not supplied with stamped envelope.
  • It is your responsibility to provide complete and accurate information on the person being served if the address given is not complete or accurate your papers may be returned to you unserved. Make sure to include building/apartment numbers and letters. 
  • Documents may be received electronically with prior approval from the civil section. Please note there is a $0.25 printing fee for each page which needs to be printed for service. Email for approval and to discuss details, pre-payment will need to be arranged. 
  • If your Service request is for a case originating outside the state of Colorado, please include any relevant Civil Service rules and/or statutes required for "Good Service" in your state or jurisdiction.

Prepayment of fees is required prior to service, including the document fee and one mileage attempt. Fees are set by Colorado State statute 30-1-101 CRS. Additional attempts will be billed the appropriate mileage for each attempt and will be invoiced once service has been completed or all avenues have been exhausted attempting to get the papers served.  
To determine the correct Civil fees for the service desired, call (970) 423-8907 or:

  • View the Civil Service & Fees document using the ‘Fees’ link on the left side of this page.
  • Mileage fees to the destination to be served must also be included, take note of the different zones within each zip code. The fees can be viewed on the left of this page by clicking on ‘Fees’. 
  • Payments may be made in person by money order, checks or credit cards. **Please note the Sheriff’s Office will no longer accept cash payments starting October 1st, 2023** 
  • Checks or money orders can be mailed with documents to be served, payable to the Summit County Sheriff's Office.
  • If additional payment is due or a refund is owed, you will receive an invoice or payment within 30 days.

The Sheriff’s Office cannot guarantee papers will be served, the Sheriff will try all avenues to get papers served, however if service is unsuccessful, fees for the service and mileage are still due. 

The Return of Service Affidavit (documenting proof of service) or a Non-Service Affidavit (documenting we were unable to complete Service) will be returned to the person requesting the service once all applicable fees have been paid. The total amount of the completed service will be noted on your Affidavit of Service or Non-Service, which will be accompanied with any refund check due.

The paperwork must be recorded with the Court where the initial paperwork was issued. This filing is the responsibility of the person requesting the Service; the Summit County Sheriff’s Office does not file this paperwork for you.

A protection (restraining) order must first be obtained from the courts in the county where you reside. Once the paper has been stamped by the courts, the civil section will attempt service on the restrained party, the courts will determine if a fee is due from the plaintiff.

  • If you need to report a violation which has already occurred, depending on the situation, call 911 or non-emergency dispatch at 970-668-8600.
  • For information on how to obtain a restraining order, call the court clerk in the county where you reside. If you live in Colorado, you can visit this website for information and forms to file a restraining order:
  • For the Summit County Clerk to the Courts, call 970-453-2272 or 970-453-2241.


The SCSO Civil Section is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Mountain Time. We are closed on legal holidays recognized by Summit County Government.


Summit County Sheriff’s Office

Attn: Civil Section

P.O. Box 210 

Breckenridge, CO 80424-0210


If mailing items to us using FedEx or UPS please address your package as noted below to ensure proper delivery.

Summit County Sheriff’s Office

Attn: Civil Section

501 N. Park Avenue POB 210

Breckenridge, CO 80424

Phone: (970) 453-2232

Fax: (970) 423-8894

General inquires email

Ken Wu, Civil Deputy 970-423-8955; email 

Tina Mojzer, Civil Technician; 970-423-8907; email 

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