Detentions Division

The Summit County Detentions Division

is responsible for operating the Detention Facility and conducting Court Security. The Division consists of 18 deputies, four sergeants, two chefs, and one Administrative Assistant, all supervised by Commander Jake Straw.

The Detention Facility, which is located in the Summit County Justice Center, has 95 beds and serves approximately 4,000 meals a month at an average cost of $2.44 per meal. The Facility books in approximately 2,000 arrestees per year. The primary purpose of the Detention Facility is to ensure that arrestees go to court. This is accomplished either by the arrestee posting bond, which is basically a cash assurance that they will return to court, or to keep them in custody until their criminal case reaches a disposition. Only about a third, or less, of the inmate population have actually been convicted of a crime and have been sentenced.

The primary roles of the Detention Staff are to: in-process and out-process arrestees and inmates from the facility; safeguard the constitutional rights of the inmates; maintain the health, safety and welfare of those in the Facility; maintain order; take care of protective custody holds, such as uncooperative detoxes and mental health holds; conduct in-state transports and out-of-state extraditions to bring fugitives back before the court of jurisdiction; escort inmates to court; assist Court Security and Civil; and finally, to assist the public wherever possible. They also conduct investigations into possible criminal activity occurring in the Facility and file criminal charges where appropriate. The staff accomplishes all of this while maintaining an ever-watchful eye over the appropriate use of taxpayer funds.

PBT’s (portable breath tests)

PBT’s are administered for Probation and Behavioral Intervention. To obtain a PBT you must report to the Summit County Detentions facility with valid identification. The cost of a PBT is $10, which must be paid in cash only.

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