ARBY (Activities Run By Youth)


The A.R.B.Y. program is a county-wide Teen Workforce Preparation program coordinated through the Summit County Department of Human Services in conjunction with Mountain Mentors. The program aims to help youth in Summit County expand career opportunity awareness, attain applied skills, develop work readiness, and participate in paid work experiences.


Employers are currently reporting that young workers are lacking key skills necessary for success in today’s workplace. A.R.B.Y. aims to provide opportunities for youth to develop those key skills of communication, teamwork, problem solving, and positive work ethics. In turn, A.R.B.Y. is serving the youth in our program by offering them the tools to pursue successful and fulfilling futures. A.R.B.Y.’s mission is congruent to Mountain Mentors goal of “positively influencing the youth of Summit County to lead healthy lifestyles.”


Young people between the ages of 12 and 18 may join the A.R.B.Y. program. Upon showing interest, the young person must complete an interview with the program coordinator, complete a survey, and provide parental consent/emergency contact information.


Two A.R.B.Y. activities are offered each month. One activity is recreational and group bonding focused. The other activity is educational and provides a learning experience related to job skill acquisition.

Incentive System

Paid work experiences are limited; therefore, youth who attend monthly educational activities receive priority to work the paid experiences