Summer 2022 Bus Schedule

Summit Stage is currently operating our Summer 2022 schedule starting Sunday April 17th, 2022 through Saturday November 19th, 2022.

Bike Racks

All Summit Stage buses are equipped with bike racks from May 1 through Oct. 31, for use between sunrise and sunset. Bike racks can accommodate up to 3 bikes max, on a first-come first served basis. No bikes are allowed inside of the bus. No Bikes are allowed on racks bus before sunrise or after sunset. Official times for sunrise/sunset are obtained through Google search, using Frisco, CO as the location. Learn how to use Summit Stage bike racks

Class 1 E-bikes (no throttle) weighing <50 lbs are allowed. Class 2 and above E-bikes, or any bikes that weigh >50 lbs are NOT allowed.

Summit Stage buses do not have bike racks equipped Nov 1st - April 31st.

COVID-19 Transit Limitations

Summit Stage buses are back to operating at 100% passenger capacity. We continue to encourage passengers to practice physical distancing whenever possible.

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