Reports / Records Request

These procedures pertain to all reports maintained by the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, including criminal reports, booking photos, and traffic reports (citations / tickets, accident reports, DUI reports, etc.).

The policies and procedures of the Sheriff’s Office pertaining to the release of criminal justice records are derived from the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act and related statutes. Copies of reports are available from the Records Department Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Reports are usually available within 72 hours after the date of the event; however, it may take longer if the incident occurs over a weekend or holiday. Certain reports may not be available for release because the investigation is still ongoing, or because release of the report is restricted by law. Additionally, certain reports must be redacted (have protected information removed) before they can be released.

If an arrest was made in connection with the incident, copies of the report will need to be obtained from the District Attorney’s Office at 504 Airport Road, District Attorney's Annex, Breckenridge, CO. The District Attorney's Office phone number is (970) 453-3520. There may be instances where you may also be referred to the courts to obtain information that we are not able to provide.

Request a Report

To request a copy of a report, please complete the  Records Request Form. Applicable fees must be paid before a report can be released. Please see Records Request Fee Schedule. If submitting your Records Request Form by mail, your fee payment must be included with the request. Please telephone our office at (970) 453-2232 prior to mailing your request so that we may calculate the required fees.

If you submit your request by faxing it to (970) 423-8894 or emailing we will contact you once the report is releasable and let you know how much required fees will be.

In most cases, we can process your request while you wait. A complicated request, staffing limitations or the need to retrieve a report that is stored off-site may require the 72 hours we are allowed by law to process your request. In any event, we will do our best to process your request in a timely manner.


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