Child Care Consultation


Summit County Child Care Consultation provides consultation, technical assistance and training for providers of childcare in Summit County to enhance their response to the health and safety needs of young children.


A public health nurse provides these services during monthly site visits. The nurse is available by telephone for any problems or questions that may arise. This program recognizes the need to integrate health prevention and promotion activities within the child care setting to assure high quality care and healthier children through:
  • Communicable disease prevention
  • Health and safety consultation and education
  • Immunization education


The goals of the Summit County Child Care Consultation program are to provide:
  • Safe and healthy child care environments for all children including those with special health needs
  • Accessible immunizations
  • Access to quality health, dental and developmental screenings, and comprehensive follow-up as needed
  • Health, nutrition and safety education for child care providers, children and their families