Right of Way Permits

Obtain a Permit Application

Due to the sensitivity of digging within the public right of way, permits are not available online. A permit application form is available from the Construction Inspector, who issues right of way permits for culvert and utility installations within the public right of way, outside of city limits and their jurisdiction. Any digging in the right of way requires the locating and marking of all underground utilities prior to digging. It is the sole responsibility of the excavator to call the Utility Notification Center at 811 to request locates.

Permit application for any type of excavation within the right of way may be submitted on a walk-in basis Monday through Friday, 6:30 am to 8:30 am., or an on site visit may be arranged. If you wish to speak with the Construction Inspector, please call (970) 668-4199.

Excavation Restrictions

Excavating in county paved road right of ways may not be allowed after October 15th due to availability of hot mix asphalt and due to temperature.
Excavating in county gravel and paved road right of ways is not allowed from November 1st to April 30th.

All landscaping and driveway accesses in the county right of way must conform to current county codes and standards. Please contact Road and Bridge concerning any landscaping proposals along the right of way, as we may be able to assist you in identifying where your property line is in relation to the public right of way.

Permit Requirements

Right of way (road cut) permits will be issued to the following individuals only, who wish to assume responsibility for any failures for a period of two years:
  • All excavating contractors in good standing
  • New contractors with no track record will need to submit a two-year bond and/or have soil tested for proper compaction by a registered soil engineer
  • Owners/builders who wish to do either the excavation themselves or hire someone who does not fall into the above categories. In this case, submission of a two-year bond and/or soil testing for proper compaction by a registered soil engineer will be required

An Annual Contractor Information Form (PDF), along with Certificate of General Liability Insurance, shall be submitted to the Construction Inspector prior to, or concurrently with, making application for a permit.
Please Note: If you are a new contractor or an owner/builder, you will need to meet with the Construction Inspector before excavation may take place.

Warning: Excavating in a county road without a right of way permit will result in a penalty fee.

In Case of Emergency

In the case of emergency, repair to utilities which present danger to life or property may proceed, upon condition that the Construction Inspector is notified within 24 hours of the commencement of the work. A permit is required prior to constructing, removing or using any portion of the public right of way. Application forms for this specific permit may be obtained from the Construction Inspector at the Summit County Road and Bridge Department.

Schedule an Inspection

Road and Bridge typically makes an inspection of the right of way prior to the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy by the Building Inspection Department. Please schedule this inspection by leaving a message at (970) 668-4199 including your name, address of construction, building permit number, and your contact phone number. Allow 24-48 hours advance notice for this inspection. A right of way inspection for a Certificate of Occupancy request during winter months may not be able to be conducted due to weather conditions, and, in that case, a bond may be required through the Engineering Department.