Evictions & Writs of Restitution

Tenant-Landlord Facts

For general information regarding tenant / landlord leases, liens, evictions, rent hikes, tenants moving out, mobile homes, lockouts, damage deposits, and trespasses by the landlord please review the Tenant-Landlord Fact Sheet available in English and Tenant-Landlord Fact Sheet in Spanish.

Eviction Process

The Eviction Process Brochure in English and the Eviction Process Brochure in Spanish provide a helpful overview of the eviction process from beginning to end. This brochure is intended only as a basic informational guide concerning tenant evictions and the role and requirements of the Summit County Sheriff's Office in such actions. 

After Obtaining the Writ of Restitution

If you have already gone through the court process and obtained the Writ of Restitution, please refer to the Sheriff’s Requirements for Writs of Restitution Brochure in English or Sheriff's Requirements for Writs of Restitution Brochure in Spanish for more information on next steps.