Sentenced Mittimus

Allowable Items

The following are items inmates are allowed to bring with them when they check in to serve time at the Summit County Detentions facility:
  • 3 Tee Shirts in original packaging (must be white)
  • 3 Underwear in original packaging (must be white)
  • Cash to put on commissary account
  • Prescription medication that is in the original bottle, with a pharmacy label that includes the inmate’s name, dosage, times and the physician’s contact information

The following items are not allowed:
  • Books and magazines – the facility has a Library inmates may use
  • Personal hygiene items – these items are provided; inmates may also order additional items from commissary
  • Long sleeve shirts or thermal underwear
  • Over-the-counter drugs of any kind
  • Pencils, paper or pens – the facility can supply you with these items

If you have any additional questions about your jail time or about allowable items, please call (970) 453-2232 extension 1.

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