Food Safety Training

Is Your Staff Doing Everything Possible to Keep Food Safe & to Prevent a Food Borne Illness Outbreak?

Many factors can contribute to food borne illness outbreaks. Inadequate cooking, improper hot and cold holding temperatures, improper cooling procedures, cross contamination of foods and equipment, poor personal hygiene practices and ill employees are just a few.

Studies show that food safety training – both at the employee and manager levels – can substantially reduce the likelihood of food borne illness outbreaks in retail food establishments.

The benefits of food safety training include safer and healthier guests and employees and aids in greater safety and efficiency in the kitchen – both of which save the establishment time and money.

At least one employee with authority to direct and control food preparation and service shall be a food protection manager who has been certified by an accredited program. Only conference for Food Protection ANSI certified Food Protection Manager courses meet the requirements of 2-102.20

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Contacts for Food Protection Manager Training