Summit County Assessor's Office

Assessor Duties

The Assessor’s Office is charged with discovering, listing, classifying and assessing all property within Summit County, and must follow state laws when meeting these responsibilities. The Assessor’s goal is equalization of property values, which causes the burden of taxes to be distributed fairly and equitably between property owners. Every odd-numbered year, all properties in Colorado, including Summit County, are reappraised.

2023 Audit Report

Every reappraisal, the state contracts a 3rd party Audit service to inspect the quality of our valuations and ensure compliance with state standards on statistical compliance. The preliminary analysis report confirming there is no compliance issue indicated for Summit County is provided in an effort to be transparent. Click here for the full report.

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  1. Legislation Affecting Property Taxes
  2. Property Tax Calculation
  3. Assessment Resources

House Bill 22-238

Since the Gallagher Amendment was repealed in November 2020, the State Legislature has been setting the assessment rates that determine what percent of Actual Value your property tax will be based on. The current bill in place, HB22-238, provides for:

2023 Value Reductions to Actual Value

  • $15,000 for residential properties (includes residential vacant land), and 
  • $30,000 for commercial improved properties. 

Statewide Assessment Rates Decreased for Property Tax Year 2023 

  • Residential assessment rate changed to 6.765% from 6.95%. 
  • Commercial and vacant land assessment rate changed to 27.9% from 29%.

Senate Bill 23-303 and Proposition HH

Signed by the Governor in June of 2023, this legislation creates a November 2023 ballot initiative (Proposition HH). If approved by voters, Proposition HH would reduce property taxes by lowering tax rates and taxable property values by $30,000 to $50,000 for commercial improved and residential properties, respectively. It also would increase the Senior Exemption and make it portable (once an individual qualifies).