Summit County Chipping Program

You can protect your home from wildfire with help from the Summit County Chipping Program. Summit County government helps residents and property owners create defensible space by providing free chipping and disposal for branches, logs and small trees. 
When it comes to wildfire, it takes everyone to protect everyone.    

2023 Summit County Chipping Program Request for Proposals

Example of a good slash pile for chipping program

Take the Pledge

Take the Pledge

Protect what you love. Take the Pledge to be Wildfire READY. More information on our pledge page.

Example of a "Good Pile"

Example of a good slash pile for chipping program

Example of a "Bad Pile"

Example of a bad slash pile for chipping program

2022 Chipping Program Results

A total of 1,396 local households participated in the 2022 Chipping Program. 3,979 cubic yards of chips were hauled to Summit County Resource Allocation Park for reclamation efforts.

Chipping Frequency Participation Map - interactive map showing parcels that participated and years that they participated

Chipping Participation Time Lapse Map - interactive map showing participation over time


For more information on the Summit County Chipping Program, call or email Dan Schroder, (970) 389-5756.

Colorado State University, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Summit County cooperating. Extension programs available to all without discrimination.