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Summit County is implementing regulations for short term rentals (STRs), which are applicable to properties in the unincorporated areas of Summit County. The STR regulations address:
  • - Permitting and fees
  • - Regulation of key neighborhood impacts (e.g., parking and trash) 
  • - Regulation of life safety issues (e.g., smoke and carbon monoxide detectors)
  • - An effective compliance-monitoring and enforcement system.
This blog will keep you abreast of relevant processes, policies, information and other matters related to our STR program.

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May 07

STR Permitting Process Q&A

Posted on May 7, 2019 at 10:48 AM by Dorothy Martinez

On April 11 and May 1, Summit County staff hosted demos of the STR permit application process. Check out the live stream video of the demo on Summit County Government’s Facebook page.

 Here are some of the questions we addressed:

  • What method of communication will the STR Helper Hotline use to contact the Responsible Agent (RA)?
    • If a complaint is filed, the hotline will always call the RA using the phone number you submit in the portal.
  • Do units that only have 0.8 of a parking space require a CUP?
    • No. You can fill out the standard application, and will write that information in the box provided.
  • What does an applicant need to do if they change listing platforms and get a new sales tax license number after they already have an STR permit? For example, if they’re only listing with Airbnb when they applied for the permit, but then later start listing on other sites as well and get an additional sales tax license number.
    • Once you’ve obtained your new sales tax license number, email the Planning Department at to let us know. Include your new sales tax license number, the names of the platforms you’re advertising on, your name, the permit number, and the STR property address.
  • Should the number of bedrooms entered on the application include the loft or lock-off?
    • No, the number of bedrooms entered on the application should not include the loft or lock-off. There are questions designated for the loft and lock-off and if you answer yes to these questions, then the occupancy for those rooms will apply. The application has recently been modified to make this more clear.
  • Can we make PDFs of the applications available online?
    • Yes, we are currently working to provide these solely so applicants can see what information is required before they log into the permit portal. We are only accepting online applications submitted via the permit portal. We cannot accept paper or email applications.
  • If a property manager has hundreds of properties, can the bulk discount be applied to the total transaction, or do they only get 20% off if they have 6 or more units in the same building?
    • The 20% discount is only applicable if you are applying for 6 or more units in the same building. Due to the fact that County staff is required to review each property individually, as each property has unique conditions related to the egress components, parking, trash disposal, unit types, etc., we need to look at the permits on a property-by-property basis. We’ve established this fee structure to accurately account for our staff review time for groups of units within individual properties.
  • How do we classify a studio for occupancy purposes?
    • We consider a studio to be a one-bedroom unit.
  • What is OWTS?
    • OWTS stands for on-site wastewater treatment system (a.k.a. septic system). The application has recently been modified to make this more clear.

  • What number will appear on the caller ID when the STR Helper Hotline calls the Responsible Agent to inform them about a complaint?
    • 970-368-2044
  • If you have a bear-proof trash receptacle, do you still need to store it in an enclosure or indoors?
    • No, if you have a bear-proof trash receptacle, you can store it outside, but it cannot be stored in the County right-of-way where it would impede snow plow operations. We have documented suggestions about this issue, and we will consider revising this section of the regulations in the future.
  • What if I can’t find my property in the permit portal?
    • Do NOT apply for a permit for a property that has “null” listed as the owner. If you’re having trouble finding your property in the permit portal, try searching by the street name only without the suffix, the unit number only, or the building number only. For example, if my property address is 0037 Peak One Drive Unit 203, Frisco, CO 80443, then I would type one of the following in the search bar “0037,” or “Peak One,” or “203.” Here are some helpful tips for searching for a property in the permit portal:
    • Again, do not apply for an address that has a “null” owner. This is the master property for the entire building, not the specific unit. If you apply for a “null” address, we will have to reject your application, refund your money, and have you re-apply using the correct address.
    • The address that was imported into the STR permit portal database is the same address found under “PHYS. ADD” in the GIS Parcel Query Tool (without the County Road in parenthesis).
    • If you are searching for a condo, try entering the unit number only. For example, if my address is 123 Dercums Dash Unit #201, then I would type “201” in the search bar and press enter.
    • You cannot search for a property in the permit portal by owner name or parcel number. You can only search by address.
    • If you still cannot find your property in the permit portal, call 970-668-4185.
    • If you have found your property, but it has the previous owner’s name listed, please go ahead and apply anyway. The permit portal database is only updated twice per year with the information in the Summit County Assessor’s Database. As long as your info is correct in the GIS Parcel Query Tool, then your property record will be updated in the permit portal the next time the data is imported from the Assessor’s Database.

  • Does bulk permitting apply to single-family homes?
    • No, the bulk permit option does not apply to single-family homes. It only applies if you are applying for 6 or more condos or townhomes in the same building or complex.

  • What is the definition of a temporary fire pit vs. permanent fire pit?
    • A fire pit structure that is portable and can be moved from one location to another without the use of machinery is considered temporary. When in doubt, please contact the fire district in which your property is located. Red White and Blue Fire:; Summit Fire & EMS:

  • What if I have more than one sales tax number? How do I enter that on the application?
    • For purposes of the Summit County STR permit application, an applicant should have a minimum of one sales tax license number and a maximum of two sales tax license numbers. The application has a text field that allows you to type more than one sales tax license number. If you have more than one, just leave a space between them and type both of them in the text field on the application.

  • How has the County attempted to notify STR owners about the new regulations?
    • The Summit County Planning Department has conducted an extensive public outreach campaign, including detailed website content, the STR blog, letters mailed to all STR owners we’ve identified, newspaper ads in the Summit Daily, posts on social media, SCTV shows, public demos of the application process, extensive local media coverage, informational brochures, surveys, public hearings, planning commission meetings, and meetings of the Board of County Commissioners. We are willing to work with STR owners who were not reached through this process, in order to bring them into compliance as quickly as possible.

  • What is a County-Approved Lock-Off?
    • The definition of a County-Approved Lock-Off can be found here. A lock-off is not approved for single-family homes. It is only approved for multi-family buildings (i.e., a condominium). A lock-off is not a closet that you would lock your personal belongings in so that your short-term renters do not have access.

We will host one more demo at the Summit County Community & Senior Center, located at 83 Nancy’s Place, Frisco, CO, on Friday, May 10, at 3:30 pm. To reserve a spot, please RSVP via email with the number of attendees. Light refreshments will be provided.