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Apr 06

Restaurants and COVID-19

Posted on April 6, 2020 at 2:10 PM by Sarah Wilkinson

I know a few restaurants are still offering takeout service. Should I be worried about getting COVID-19 if I eat takeout?

Consuming food is a basic requirement for all of us during a pandemic or not. Many have been wondering if it is still safe to order food from restaurants.  Some guidance has been confusing or contradictory especially as new information is discovered daily about COVID-19.

According to the CDC, FDA and USDA there is no evidence of COVID-19 being transmitted through food or food packaging. There is a moderate risk of the virus being on food packaging so, as always, wash hands after contact. Ingesting viral particles is not a known way to contract the illness.  

The primary source of transmission for COVID-19 is through droplets passing from an infected person to the respiratory tract of the healthy person. Therefore, Public Health Orders require social distancing measures including:
  • No dining-in permitted (must be take-out)
  • 6’ of separation between customers picking up food
  • Maximum of 5 customers in an establishment at any given time
In addition, all restaurants are required to monitor employees for signs of illness and employees are excluded from working when ill.   

PH Order 20-22 Restaurant Guidance Version 1_opt (1)

Knowing that COVID-19 is not believed to be spread by food, the public is encouraged to take a night off from preparing food at home and instead place a to-go or delivery order with your favorite restaurant. With most locals staying home and tourists discouraged from coming to Summit County, many restaurants have temporarily closed their doors and those that have stayed open, have seen a sharp decrease in business. Our local restaurants that are still open are doing an excellent job following the Public Health Orders and would love to see your support. Check the Krystal 93 website and the Summit Daily to see which of your favorite restaurants are open, and place an order today!