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Aug 20

The Bridge is In!

Posted on August 20, 2021 at 12:57 PM by Jordan Mead

The new bridge crossing and fish passage on Rock Island Road was installed this week

Progress on the Reach B restoration effort continues and the Team at ERC/TEZAK are doing a great job of bringing the plans into reality. I have the pleasure of visiting the site at least a couple times per week, and the obvious changes at each visit are truly astonishing. The biggest change this week was the installation of the 50' bridge on Rock Island Road which provides seamless connectivity between Reaches A and B and will allow for the uninhibited movement of fish and other aquatic organisms!

The new Rock Island Road bridge crossing

In addition to the new bridge, the team has completed channel excavation for about 750ft to the south and east of the bridge, as well as staging of boulders and cobbles for in-stream habitat features and bank stabilization. Top soil is also being moved around the site to prepare for final grading along the stream channel following habitat install and bank stabilization. Next week, standign dead trees will be harvested to serve as Large Woody Debris features and further stabilize the newly formed banks. 

Staging materials along the newly excavated channel

Summit County Open Space and Trails will be hosting volunteers from the Blue River Watershed Group on Wednesday, August 25th to collect seed and aid in continued revegetation efforts on Reach A. I look forward to sharing some pictures from that volunteer day next week! Thanks for reading and be well!