Are the power lines going to be buried as part of this project?

The overhead powerlines that are on the proposed development parcel will likely be buried as part of this project, pending a final determination once comments are received from Xcel. While the power lines that run parallel to Miners Creek Rd. on the Frisco Bay side are not planned to be buried as part of this project, the County is open to partnering with the community to facilitate this in the future. 

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1. How much need is there for deed restricted housing?
2. Can’t the County develop workforce housing on other property the County owns?
3. How many units are being proposed on this parcel?
4. What is the schedule for the proposed Site Plan?
5. Who owns Miners Creek Road?
6. Who maintains Miners Creek Road?
7. What improvements is the County proposing to make to Miners Creek Road?
8. How will the drainage issues on Miners Creek Road be fixed?
9. Will the County keep or knock down the existing cabin on the site?
10. What environmental studies are being conducted for this development proposal?
11. How will drainage be accounted for on the site?
12. Where will snow be stored on the site?
13. If the Site Plan is approved, what is the next step in the development process?
14. Is this project related to the Feister Preserve?
15. What will be the for-sale price of these homes?
16. Why was the current design chosen?
17. How much parking is being provided at the development?
18. Are the power lines going to be buried as part of this project?