Where do I obtain a death certificate?
Due to our mountain location, certified death certificates may not be available right away. One cannot be issued until you have decided on a funeral home. A pending death certificate is issued in death investigations undergoing autopsy or awaiting toxicology results. Results of autopsy and/or toxicology may take 4-6 weeks or longer, to process. Your funeral home will make arrangements for as many copies as you need. The cost for the original death certificate is $20. If you order copies at that time, they are $13 each. If you need to order more at a later date, the price reverts back to the original fee of $20. Oftentimes, with out of state families, it is faster to send a check to our County Clerk’s office. You may call them directly at (970) 453-3470.

Fill out a Death Certificate Application.

Many other questions arise during this confusing time. The Summit County Office of the Coroner strives to provide answers and to address any questions you have during the course of the investigation.

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