How do I appeal my value?

Appeals must be filed in writing and can be delivered to the Assessor in person, by mail, on-line or by email. Filing instructions are provided on your Notice of Valuation.  Due to COVID the Assessor’s Office is currently closed to the public precluding in-person filing.  In lieu of the in-person option, taxpayers may drop off their protests into any one of the five ballot boxes located outside the Old County Courthouse in Breckenridge, the County Commons in Frisco, Frisco Town Hall, Dillon Town Hall or the North Branch Library in Silverthorne.  The appeal period is May 1st to June 1st in 2020.  To preserve your right to object, your appeal must be postmarked, emailed, filed on-line or delivered in person on or before June 1, 2020.  Appeals filed late are not accepted.  A Notice of Determination will be sent by the Assessor’s Office to appealing taxpayers on June 30, 2020.

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1. How do I appeal my value?
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