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1. What are the key components of Summit County Safer at Home?
2. What does this mean for the general public?
3. What does this mean for older adults and vulnerable populations?
4. What does this mean for seeing friends and family?
5. What criteria are you using to determine it is ok to move to “Summit County Safer at Home” restrictions?
6. How will we know from testing results that things are or are not working?
7. What is Summit County's plan to reopen and how quickly will that occur?
8. Are hotels, short-term rentals, second homes, and timeshares open?
9. How can you possibly allow childcare centers to open? Children cannot physically distance.
10. Are retail businesses open?
11. What are personal services businesses? And can they conduct business?
12. Are organized sports, including youth sports, allowed?
13. What if I have a small office of 2 or 3 people? Do I still have to reduce work force by 50%.
14. What does the physical distancing and safety precautions business plan and process entail?
15. What is the antibody test? When will it be available? How will we use it to make decisions?
16. We have an event planned for 100 people this summer. Should we cancel it?
17. How are we communicating all of this information to our Spanish speaking population?
18. What are the new Summit Stage Routes and how will we make them safe?
19. What is surveillance and contact tracing and do we have enough capacity to do it with increased testing?
20. What are we doing to support/communicate with our neighboring counties?
21. I have heard the term “social distancing” and now see that there are references to “physical distancing”. What is the difference?
22. What about my wedding? Can more than 10 people come?